WordPress is no longer just for your Aunt Susie’s cat blog.

As of April 2016 over 26% of the world’s top 10 million websites were powered by WordPress’s flexible, open source CMS.

It’s no mystery why so many webmasters are turning to WordPress solutions for their business websites.

WordPress includes multiple features that makes it the top choice among content management systems.


    – WordPress is open source software. Developers can customize it inside and out.


    – WordPress plugins are available for a wide range of functionality allowing you to build a customized website that will fit your business needs.


    – Content updates are simple in WordPress’ user-friendly administrative tools.


    – WordPress easily allows for important SEO best practices, including search engine friendly URLs, updates to metadata, and well-structured site navigation.


    – WordPress’s core technology is open source meaning it is free to use and being updated regularly by a large and vibrant developer community.


    – WordPress easily integrates with third-party applications.

Blayzer’s development team can build you a customized WordPress website that supports your brand and creates a powerful user experience for your customers.

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