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3 Tips to Create a Compelling Crowdfunding Video

We’ve spent a lot of time lately watching crowdfunding videos on, trying to figure out a formula for making one for a client of our own. For those new to the term, crowdfunding is the art of funding a venture by raising money from a large amount of people via the internet. Campaigns range from artsy projects like books and theater, to high-tech projects like video game design, and can last anywhere from 1 to 60 days.

And they make money! 

How much money? Well, Kickstarter has funded over 70,000 projects and has had over 7.3 million people contribute money. Since 2009 over $1 billion has been pledged to help fund projects.

One major factor that drives crowdfunding success is the pitch video. According to Kickstarter’s project creation form,

“Projects with a video have a much higher chance of success.”

So, how can you make a successful Kickstarter video? Let’s take a look at three crowdfunding video tips we've learned that can help get your project funded.

Remember that people like being a part of something.

Kickstarter videos often make the mistake of focusing on the products or rewards that contributors will receive for pledging money instead of focusing on the passion they have for their endeavor. People are more interested in being a part of launching something cool, new or original than receiving trinkets. So don’t focus too much on the small stuff. Sell yourself, your idea and your passion, and let the money flow.


Show your face

Two things people are hesitant to do in this world: talk to strangers and ask for people for money. Sorry kiddos, it must be done. So embrace it! Put your most passionate foot forward and come at your audience with a level of transparency by letting them see you. You are the driving force behind your project, so show your face, showcase your passion, and let people see who exactly their money is helping.


Share early, share often.

According to Kickstarter, “For most projects, support will come from people you know.” Video is a fun and easy way to share your crowdfunding campaign with everyone you know – and then some! Make sure to give your family, friends and the rest of your social network the heads up so that you can get an early boost to your Kickstarter campaign. People are more willing to give to something that other people have pledged money to, so tell your friends early, often and remind them later, too.

Do you have a crowdfunding video tip to share?