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4 Ways to Grow Your Email Subscriber List

How to get more Email Subscribers!

Email marketing may seem like the simplest of tactics, but there’s a lot more to it than meets the eye. Not only are template design, development, and content writing more complex than you’d think, but there’s a lot of administrative work that goes into pulling off a successful campaign. There’s scheduling and software setup, multi-step campaign building, measurement and reporting. The most important part of any email campaign by far is growing and managing the list of email subscribers.

Many businesses try to push their emails out to as many inboxes as possible. Focused on quantity, they follow the path of “implied consent”, sending to all the contacts they have amassed in their database, no customer, prospect, Google contact, LinkedIn connection, networking group member, or business card giver left behind. That is a good way to annoy an audience, but not so good for building relationships and growing your business. A much better approach is to send your emails to a targeted subscriber list of people who have expressly asked for and agreed to receive information from you.

Blayzer has looked into the vast majority of ways to effectively grow your email marketing subscribers.

We have listed the ones we believe to be the simplest to implement.


Require Email to Sign Up for the Website

One major way to boost your numbers in subscribers is to require an email when people want to sign up for your website. When people sign up for your site, it’s your responsibility to create great content and put it out at a consistent rate. It’s important to remember to not be pushy or incessant with your emails. This could lead to your subscribers getting annoyed with the overflow of emails and unsubscribe, but a constant flow is important to a successful email marketing plan.


Create Shareable Content

The content you put out in your emails is another key to successful email marking. If you keep your content interesting, it will encourage your current email subscribers to stay subscribed and forward those emails to their friends. Getting your current subscribers to share your content with their friends is a great way to gain exposure to possible subscribers without you looking desperate.


Cross Promotion

Social media can be a powerful tool when you’re in need of promotion. You can use your social media pages to promote special offers, and in order for your followers to receive the offer, they need to enter their email addresses. Little things like this could help increase the number of email subscribers you have. Another way to grow your subscriber list through social media is to add a “call-to-action button”. This is a button that goes on the top of your pages that would say something like “Sign Up”.Cross promoting can happen through print marketing as well. Something as simple as adding a call-to-action could grow your subscribers. The call-to-action can be along the lines of “Join our emailing list” with a short, memorable link, “Go to our website to join our emailing list”, etc.


Gather Emails at Events

You don’t only have to collect emails online. You can collect them at events like trade shows and networking events. Once you’ve entered the ones you have collected, don’t forget to send them welcome emails thanking them for joining your team.

For more information on email marketing, contact Blayzer. We’ll be happy to help!