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5 Essential PowerPoint Shortcuts

Like a lot of the companies we work with, we are currently in the midst of a pretty big internal sales and marketing overhaul here at Blayzer. It’s a big deal, and it’s going to impact pretty much every bit of content and messaging we have. No need to feel pity for us – we’re marketers; this is what we do, and we love to do it.

So naturally, since our core marketing message is changing, we also need to update our sales process to keep things in good alignment. We’ve been hard at work putting together the most kick-ass presentation that will blow your minds and melt your faces off. Well, maybe not that extreme, but we are determined to get our new sales presentation just right.

What we’re learning in the process is that no matter how pretty your presentation may look, it all comes down to the execution of the slideshow. Like a quarterback throwing to his wide receivers in the Super Bowl, the timing and flow of the speaker, the slides, and the audience’s reactions must be just right. And like the Super Bowl, the presentation is too important for anything to be left to chance! So, be the Peyton Manning of PowerPoint!

Use these slideshow keyboard shortcuts to ensure that your presentation is on point.


[Number] followed by "ENTER"

All of a sudden, you find yourself needing to refer back to another slide or jump ahead to one later in the presentation. If you enter the slide number and then press ENTER it will take you right there. No, it wasn’t planned, but no one has to know.



Perhaps you want the slides in your slideshow to be on a timer. However, your slides are going way too slow or fast for your rhythm. This can leave audiences in awkward silence between slides or have them miss information, making you look unprepared. If you press T during your slideshow you can reset the timing of your transitions and match them to the speed with which you present.


ALT + Down (during presentation)

Oh no! You have added a video to your presentation but the volume is way too loud and now the members of your audience are covering their ears. Unbeknownst to the general public, this problem can be fixed by holding down the ALT key and the down key, which reduces the volume to any added media. You can also use ALT+Q to stop the video (or media) entirely.



Pressing S allows you to restart your presentation from the beginning without having to circle back through all the previous slides. Hopefully you do not have to use this during your presentation, but it is useful while you are rehearsing.


Shift + F10

Okay, so you have a level of savvy with PowerPoint’s keyboard shortcuts, but now you want to wield them with pure mastery like Yoda does the Force. By pushing these keys, the shortcut menu is revealed and can be edited to suit your needs. Simplify it, study it, and take dominion over the conference room! Just don’t turn to the Dark side.