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Amazon Services & What It Means For Your Business

Have you ever overstepped your DIY capabilities and found yourself with an IKEA entertainment center strewn across your living room floor in 125 tiny pieces? How about that new wireless printer you just bought that you can’t seem to get connected to all your devices no matter how many times you shut it off and turn it back on.

In circumstances like these, Amazon Services has you covered. Let us give you the low-down on what this new service is all about.

Amazon Services - What is it?

Amazon Services is a platform that connects consumers to service providers in their area who are verified through Amazon. Their verified service providers are called “Pros.” Their services include: Home Improvement, Home Services, Computer & Electronics, Yard & Outdoors, Automotive, Assembly, Business & Commercial, and Cleaning. It is currently only available in large cities such as New York, Minneapolis, Seattle, St. Louis, Sacramento, etc. However, over time, Amazon is planning on expanding this throughout the country.

How does it work?

There is a thorough vetting process each Pro must go through and continue to adhere to for the duration of their time with Amazon. To become a “Handpicked Pro” Amazon requires:

  • A strong history of service quality – This is determined by media searches, online reviews, and reference checks
  • Comprehensive business and criminal background checks
  • All required trade licenses and insurance information

This verification process of service providers is aimed to provide top quality services, as well as give consumers peace of mind.. Along with this reassurance, Amazon has also implemented an up-front pricing model for more transparency for consumers. Amazon’s up-front pricing model includes:

  • Up-front pricing on popular services – Customers will know how much they are spending before they order the service.
  • Competitive Prices – Service providers can compete for customers by price, quality, and availability.
  • Consumer Confidence – All Amazon Local providers are required to offer the same price on Amazon as if you called them directly.

Amazon also holds all service providers to ongoing performance targets such as responsiveness, quality, and ratings. Amazon also requires purchase verification for users to leave reviews. This ensures potential customers are getting the most accurate feedback from previous customers about their experiences. Amazon also provides a Happiness Guarantee: “If you’re not satisfied, we’ll make it right or give you a full refund”.

What does this mean for brands?

Amazon Services has great potential for brands in any of the current service categories. However, to meet Amazon’s criteria for becoming a Service Pro, managing your digital service quality history is crucial. Amazon’s top indicators like media searches and online reviews can be optimized with professional digital marketing services.

Learn how Blayzer can optimize your brand’s online presence to appeal to both potential customers, as well as potential partners like Amazon.