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OK Google, Grow My Business

Creating a mobile app opens a whole new channel of customer interaction, business efficiency and revenue potential for your business. Making that app available in the Google Play Store gives you access to the largest market share in mobile by a mile. Android’s global market share is currently well over 80% and still growing.

Here at Blayzer, our team of mobile strategy, design, development, and marketing specialists can help you create the Android apps you need to run your business, wow your customers, and leave your competitors in the dust. We engineer innovative mobile applications for all types of Android devices, including smartphones, tablets, wearables, IoT devices, and whatever else comes out next.

Talk To An Expert About Your Android Mobile App Strategy

    Why Make Apps for Android Users?

    One of the first decisions you will encounter when formulating your mobile app strategy is which platform to choose: Apple or Android?

    We’ll leave it to the Internet to duke it out over which devices and operating systems are truly better than others. Instead, let’s take a look at what makes the Android user base an attractive audience for app creators.

    • More people
    • More devices
    • More traffic
    • Global reach
    • Experimental open-source spirit

    Android users might have a reputation for earning and spending less money than their iOS-loving counterparts, but there are far more of them. Creators looking for wide reach will find greater market potential and lower cost-per-installation with Android than Apple. Android users are also nearly twice as likely to open push notifications, a critical component of mobile marketing strategies.

    Android App Development Services from Blayzer Digital in St. Louis, MO

    Android App Strategy

    We help you map out what your app needs to do, who your audience is and how they will use it, and how the app will produce value and/or revenue for your business

    Android App Design

    Our designers work with you to create a creative, engaging, and functional design, including wireframes, graphics, and UI/UX.

    Android App Development

    Our professional Android app developers bring your design to life with expert programming and rigorous quality testing.

    Google Play App Store Submission

    Getting your smartphone and tablet apps listed and found in the Google Play Store takes finesse. We’ll get your app submitted, published, and optimized to rank well in search.

    Android App Marketing

    Once your Android app is ready, we craft a strategic action plan to grow your user base and revenue with the latest digital marketing tactics

    Android App Reporting

    To build and maintain your competitive advantage, we’ll keep an eye on your analytics, upcoming trends, and what’s happening in your industry

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