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Bing Ads – Is it Important?

Are Bing Ads a part of your search marketing strategy? If the answer is no, it means you are passing up a great opportunity.

We know what you’re thinking: “No one uses Bing, so what can I miss?”.

Well, too bad, here’s a bunch of things that you miss without using Bing Ads.

Get More Traffic.

Believe it or not, Bing holds over 30% of the search marketplace in the US. Where do the searches come from, you ask? They are from Bing, Yahoo, Amazon’s Kindle, and many other search partners’ websites. Therefore, adding Bing ads to your marketing strategy will instantly increase your overall website traffic.

Cheaper Cost-per-Click.

Since many marketers still ignore Bing ads, using only Google AdWords for paid search traffic, you don’t have many competitors, which makes it much easier to get the traffic you need. This ultimately lead to a lower CPA and a better ROI for you in the end.

Demographic Targeting.

Want to target a particular age group or gender? Bing gives you that ability. You can control which gender and age demographics see your search ads. What’s even sweeter is that Google still doesn’t have this advanced targeting option for their search ads.

Control Where Your Ads are Going.

Bing is fully transparent about search partners and their performance. It allows advertisers to see exactly which partner sites their ads are displaying on and offers detailed reports on the performance of each search partner. More importantly, you can exclude any search partner if you are not satisfied with the result obtained.

Mobile Device Targeting.

If you’re interested in multi-device targeting, Bing is the option for you. Mobile ad targeting on Google is very limited. With Bing, you can target specific devices based on their device type and OS (e.g. tablet, desktop or mobile users). Bing also allows you to adjust your bid with a much larger range: between -20% to 300%.

If your target demographic specifically favors a particular mobile OS, or if your product is focused on mobile, you can serve your target demographic with highly targeted ads on Bing more so than on Google.

Import Your Campaigns from Google Adwords.

Bing allows you to copy your AdWords campaign directly from the Bing ads interface easily within minutes. Another great thing about this feature is you don’t have to spend much time on optimizing your Bing campaigns. Just copy the changes and updates you made in your AdWords campaigns to Bing. Basically, this means you can optimize only your AdWords campaign, and automatically update your Bing campaigns accordingly. Of course, optimizing Bing ads separately on the Bing interface will get you better results.

What next?

Although Bing remains the third largest search engine after Google and Youtube, it’s often forgotten about by marketers. Whether you believe it or not, there’s a very large portion of the population that use Bing, even though they might not even realize it. So yes, not only there are people who actually use Bing, but also a lot of them. Therefore, don’t throw away this opportunity. Take advantage of that. This is not a life or death decision. You don’t have jump ship from Google and use Bing exclusively. Use both or use each of them interchangeably.

If you run into any problems, give us a shout. We’d love to help you make the most out of your paid search campaigns.

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