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Blayzer Announces Upgraded Virtual Private Cloud Hosting Services

Blayzer recently completed a major upgrade of our website hosting platform to the latest and greatest technology – our very own virtual private cloud! Here’s what that means for our current and future web, mobile, DNS and email hosting clients.

What’s the big deal about cloud-based hosting? What are the benefits? 

Well, faster load times, less downtime, and more efficiency, to name a few.

On the technical side, it allows our team much greater flexibility to create, manage, and grow hosting environments by quickly scaling and allocating IT resources according to each site’s needs.

“This upgrade has been in the works for a long time and we are thrilled to finally take it live for all of our clients,” said Bradley Goldenberg, Partner at Blayzer.

“The new virtual private cloud solution is already paying off in terms of efficiency and flexibility in creating and balancing environments for various projects.”

In addition to improving Blayzer’s hosting solutions for standard websites and email accounts, the new VPC solution has allowed our tech team to create custom configurations for specialized needs such as Magento ecommerce site hosting and secure hosting for WordPress websites.

“With our old setup it took a lot of effort and expense to build, manage and maintain our custom Magento and WordPress hosting servers,” Goldenberg explained. “Recreating that in the new cloud environment was much simpler, and our clients experienced a practically seamless transition. Now we are able to focus on creating new custom configurations for an even wider range of specialized hosting needs, which will both help us grow our IT services clientele and better serve our longtime existing customers.”

The virtual private cloud hosting solution update is part of Blayzer’s ongoing commitment to keep pace with technology and position our clients on the cutting edge. The upgrade came at no charge to all of our website hosting clients and is helping to keep hosting costs affordable for new clients as well.

For a free quote and more info about cloud-based hosting solutions for your website, ecommerce store, DNS, or email, contact a Blayzer IT specialist at 314-446-3393 today.