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dodgeball team

Blayzer Dodgeball Mashup

“Hi. I'm Peter La Fleur, Owner and Operator of Average Joe's Gym.”

“Nice to meet you, the name is Blayzer. We are a talented and tight-knit group of professionals specializing in all the key areas of web and marketing.”

As legendary and exciting as it would be, we’re not The Globo Gym Purple Cobras. We don’t have experts named Blade, Laser, or Blazer. No Me’Shell or even Fran Stalinofskivitchdavitovichsky either, our team is made up of professionals like Josh, Julie, Whitney, Landon, Brandon and Brad. Although our names might not be as electric as the ones above, we make up for it with our determination and expert work.

Although we aren’t competing for a dodgeball tournament in Vegas, we do some pretty cool things from our office in St. Louis. Unlike the overpowering, testosterone flaring, airheads over at Globo Gym, our team thrives from strategy and knowledge. We won’t throw a typical workout package down your throat for a $89.99 a month, we’ll get to know you first, and build you the best plan we can for your success. We are a concept to execution team with specialized departments of web development, technology, and online marketing solutions to fit everyone’s needs.

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So, Why follow or listen to anything we have to say?

We believe that our company and employees have a firm grasp on what it takes to succeed in this industry and want our clients to as well

Plain and simple in our business if our clients fail, then we fail. We take the time to research and get to know our client’s business, its goals, strengths, and weaknesses. As curious people in the industry, we try to be up-to-date with the latest trends. We do a handful of great things but mostly we listen. With close relationships with our clients and partners, we listen to their feedback to know what we are doing well and what we can do better. We aren’t just a team, we’re YOUR team and help clients with the building blocks to help reach a company’s potential.

Our blog was created to get a better understanding of how professionals like us think and see things in the industry, not make a sale. Don’t get us wrong, we love new business, but it isn’t our only goal here, we want to create some type of engagement to reach out to the people who we, directly and indirectly, work with. The blog has the purpose to create a thread with other professionals in the business or other interested parties. Bringing new ideas to the table outside of the office setting is very beneficial in this line of work so what do you have to lose?

Now you have a little knowledge about us, so now it’s your turn, Who are you?