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Build Your Tech Stack.

Meet Your Ecommerce Stack Master

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Brad Goldenberg, Ecommerce Technology Expert in St. Louis, MO has your back when it comes to your tech stack.

What started as an offhand joke during a partner meeting has become a title I wear proudly: Stack Master Brad. Companies have come to me for nearly 25 years for guidance on technology solutions that will help them grow revenue and improve processes in their online business. I have made it my mission to understand:

  • Who are the key tech players in ecommerce and online marketing
  • What are their technologies capable of
  • How do they stack up against similar solutions
  • Which ecommerce and marketing tools work well together
  • Where might companies run into limitations

I use my knowledge of the ecommerce technology landscape to help my clients build a tech stack that supports their business model, operating processes, and marketing goals. In my experience, companies that start their projects with a strong tech stack and marketing strategy at the foundation see more success than those who glance over this crucial step in the ecommerce development process.

What Is the Tech Stack?

The tech stack is the combination of technologies a company uses to build and run its web solution and ecommerce processes. Sometimes called a “solution stack,” the tech stack typically consists of the ecommerce software platform, an ERP, shipping and payment solutions, marketing solutions, customer service solutions and other such tools and applications connected together via APIs. Non-ecommerce businesses with complex needs may also have a tech stack, just with slightly different types of solutions to meet their requirements.

What Does the Tech Stack Do?

The right mix of tech stack solutions enables all the website and back-office features the company needs to do business the way it wants and deliver its ideal customer experience. Product, order, customer, and marketing data flows smoothly throughout the stack. The system of solutions is optimized to work together efficiently and automate time-consuming, redundant, and error-prone manual tasks. These efficiencies and enhancements add up to better conversion and sales results, competitive advantage in the marketplace, and forward advancement of the business.

The Benefits of Having a Tech Stack Master on Your Team

We Combine Solutions to Build a Strong Tech Stack

The key to building a reliable ecommerce tech stack is to understand the business goals, identify the gaps in the process and customer experience, and find the right combination of relevant solutions. It’s not quite as simple as picking one from category A and 2 from Category B. Different solutions work together differently. Some solutions already play well together and are easy to plug in and go. Others require deeper integration and configuration. Sometimes it can take some extra development to get there. We know how the pieces fit together and can architect the right mix of solutions to fit your needs with your existing resources, budget, and timeframe.

We Identify the Best Technology Solutions

Developing the right technology stack can be deceptively tough. Ecommerce store owners are constantly barraged by solution and service providers. Their inboxes are flooded. Industry events have acres and acres of vendor booths as far as the eye can see. There are literally more than 1000 ecommerce apps and integrations listed in the BigCommerce App Marketplace today. It almost creates a sort of paradox of choice effect. Companies need to move forward, and unfortunately, they often end up moving in the wrong direction. It happens easily, and it wastes a lot of time and resources when they ultimately have to backtrack or invest in additional development than was budgeted for.

Effective & Efficient Are Our Goals, Too

As a full-service agency that sees our clients well past development and into their long-term marketing strategies, we are in this business to make lasting and positive relationships with our clients. When we consider solutions for your business, we think about them like strategic executives. Will this solution help you reach your immediate revenue and marketing goals? Is the cost/benefit outlook favorable for you? How does it contribute to your long-term vision? What truly should be done now, and what could be added later once the revenue ramp-up is in swing? We also know that keeping development and license costs under control can free up additional resources for marketing, launch promotions, and other initiatives.

Explore Top-Tier Tech Stack Solutions

Knowing the key players and keeping up with the capabilities and understanding where the connections and gaps and real synergies are between the solutions is more than a task – it’s a commitment. And it’s one that I have taken on so that my team and I can deliver the absolute best recommendations and build the best solutions and perform the best services possible for our clients. We have chosen to partner with a selection of solutions that we consider top-tier options for various important categories of ecommerce technology: software platforms, ERP, custom service, marketing, shipping, and payment solutions. These aren’t the only solutions we can work with, but they are ones that we stand beside and recommend.