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Powerful Solutions for Business-to-Business.

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Don't Just Build a Website. Create Solutions & Strategies for Accelerated Business Growth.

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Business-to-business (B2B) strategies bring some unique challenges compared to business-to-consumer (B2C) companies. Audiences may be narrower and harder to target and engage. Decision makers are hard to reach. The sales cycle is much longer and typically involves more than one decision maker, plus influencers and stakeholders. Change is often seen as a risk rather than an opportunity, and purchases are heavily researched, deliberated, and scrutinized. Do your company’s strategy and solutions pass the test?

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A Boutique Agency for B2B Companies

It takes more than a snazzy logo and a clever tagline to win a company’s business. One of the smartest places B2B companies can invest their marketing resources is online, starting with a rock-solid strategy. This is where Blayzer excels.

Blayzer is a full-service web company and digital marketing agency located in St. Louis, Missouri since 1998. We understand what makes B2B marketing unique and how to make those differences work in our clients’ favor. We can help you reach your target audience, communicate your value, and nurture prospects into leads through the power of technology.

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B2B Company Websites & Marketing Results

We have worked with terrific B2B companies like ThrottleNet, Guide Technologies and Becker Brands on their digital strategies and web solutions. Many trends have come and gone over the years, and like the web itself, we’ve seen a lot of change in the past two decades. We are proud of the work we’ve done for our clients and the successes that they’ve achieved. Just look what the web can do for your business!

Powerful Solutions for B2B. What Can Blayzer Do for You?


Strategy Solutions

You’re going to need more than a slick logo and firm handshake to win a company’s business these days. Competition is high, attention spans are short, and budgets are tight. Is your strategy making business easier for you, or is it holding you back? From your business plan and brand to your marketing and technology plans, giving your strategy the attention it deserves will lead to big savings and new opportunities over time.


Web Solutions

A website wears a lot of hats in a B2B business. It does the job of a receptionist, greeting new visitors and directing them to their destination. It works as a salesperson, explaining your services and values to curious prospects. It’s a marketing hub for all your campaigns and content. A really great site can even lend a hand with operations, HR and customer service. Is there anything your site could be doing better?


Marketing Solutions

Marketing may be very different in B2B than B2C, but it is every bit as essential. In fact, many of the same tools and tactics used to drive B2C sales can be used to build B2B relationships. Blayzer provides expert content creation, blogging, social media, email campaigns, pay-per-click, SEO, and conversion optimization marketing solutions to put your strategy in motion and transform your web solution into a lead-capturing, revenue-generating, customer-serving powerhouse.


Sales Solutions

B2B sales is usually much more complicated than a few clicks and an online checkout. It is much more consultative and relationship-based. Generating leads is tough, and getting them to close is even tougher. It takes a consistent, persistent process of bringing new contacts into the top of your funnel, nurturing prospects into leads, and guiding them through your sales process. Blayzer offers a full suite of services for B2B lead generation.

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