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Meet Our New Ecommerce Partner Katapult

Blayzer has launched a new partnership with Katapult, a lease-to-own platform that integrates with ecommerce platforms. Visit the Blayzer Commerce blog to read all about how this new partnership will bring no credit needed lease-to-own checkout options and agency services to Midwest ecommerce retailers. Read the Post
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Blayzer Has a New Ecommerce Partner – Meet Clyde

Blayzer has forged a new partnership with Clyde, the award-winning extended warranty platform that helps retailers drive revenue and customer loyalty with product protection. Visit the Blayzer Commerce blog to read all about how this new partnership will help bring award-winning product protection programs and agency services to Midwest ecommerce ...

Tips for Your Digital Transformation

Throughout this blog series we have talked about what you need to do during these unprecedented times. We’ve discussed why going digital is more important than ever, how to maintain relevance, and why P2P is replacing B2C and B2B business strategies. In this fourth and final post, we are sharing ...

Maintaining Relevance During and After COVID-19

Maintaining relevance is something that businesses always grapple with, but it’s never been quite this much of a challenge. That’s because the COVID-19 pandemic is the rare type of occurrence that causes major shakeups at both ends of the market, simultaneously changing the game and the goals. Not only has ...

Going Digital Is More Important Than Ever

The coronavirus pandemic has had a huge impact on virtually everyone and everything in the world around us. It’s altered how people think and feel. It’s affected how we see our friends, family, and community members, and how we treat ourselves and others. It’s changed what we want and need, ...