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Twitter Wrap-Up February 27th, 2017

Hello again everyone and happy Friday! Hopefully everyone is having a fairly productive week after Mardi Gras this past weekend. This weekend is supposed to be pretty nice out so hopefully you all can go out and have some fun. But as it turns out, some people had a little bit of ...
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Twitter Wrap-Up February 17th, 2017

Hello again everyone. Hopefully everyone is enjoying their week and especially, this lovely Friday. Here's my wrap-up of this weeks top tweets. Let's just jump right into the thick of things here with one interesting comeback from the 90's. Remember Zima? @MillerCoors 1990s-era clear malt beverage is poised for a comeback. ...
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Twitter Wrap-up February 10th, 2017

Hello All! My name is Dylan, and I am a new team member at Blayzer Digital Marketing Group here in St. Louis. I will be doing a weekly tweet wrap-up of some interesting topics in our industry as well as dive in and give some brief thoughts on them. I will also ...