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Chris Feix Will Deliver Keynote at Start Up Your Startup St. Louis

The St. Louis startup community is in for a treat. On November 5th, UX & Lean Product Strategy Consultant Chris Feix will be delivering a keynote presentation at Blayzer’s Start Up Your Startup: Smart Strategies for New Business Success seminar and networking event. Chris’s presentation, called, “UX: The Lean, Mean, Fight’n Machine,” will examine how startups can embrace a Lean Startup strategy to create their MVP (minimum viable product) and get to market as quickly as possible.

“Chris Feix is a great addition to our Start Up Your Startup program,” said Brad Goldenberg, Partner and CEO at Blayzer. “Not only is Chris a longtime friend of ours here at Blayzer, but he’s a dynamic and knowledgeable speaker with loads of experience and an entrepreneurial viewpoint that should really resonate with our guests. If the conversations we’ve had privately about Lean and MVP are any small indication, Chris is going to be the highlight of our program.”

Read the full press release here.

Lean Startup is a method for developing businesses first proposed in Silicon Valley entrepreneur Eric Ries’ bestselling book, The Lean Startup: How Today’s Entrepreneurs Use Continuous Innovation to Create Radically Successful Businesses. 

Chris left the Marine Corps in 1992 and immediately went to work on the web. He was the founding designer at what is now Network Solutions Commerce. He has served as advisor for companies such as Victorinox Swiss Army, Callaway Golf, FujiFilm, and Sara Lee.

Chris Feix is the Director of the Ultimate Experience at DTN Cloud Services and is the founder of Bureau de’ Feix. Learn more and get in touch at