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Why Is Copywriting Important?

Communication has changed drastically with the rise of online interaction and content consumption. For a while there, it even looked like emojis, memes, YouTube videos, infographics, Snaps, Pins, and Instagram photos might legitimately threaten to overtake the written word as our preferred form of communication.

While it may be true that images, audio and visual content continues to grow in popularity, copywriting still has a very important place in your marketing strategy. We may use copy less, differently, and in fewer places than we did a few years ago, but that just means we must make every word count.

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Qualities Of Great Marketing Copy





Examples Of Great Marketing Copy

How Can Blayzer Copywriting Help Your Content?

Writing is a task that invigorates some people and paralyzes others. We meet many people who can talk about their business passionately, articulately and persuasively all day long, but when faced with a blank screen or sheet of paper, they can no longer find the words. This is completely normal, and it’s why companies like Blayzer exist to help.

Blayzer’s copywriting services are available to support all aspects of your business, branding, solutions, and marketing plan. From web pages to sales emails to executive bios, we can transform your best ideas into powerful words.

Our copywriters have decades of experience writing for an unbelievably wide range of clients and audiences. Here is a partial list of industries we have written considerable amounts of copy for.

  • Automotive
  • Business to Business
  • Chiropractic & Massage
  • Construction Companies
  • Concrete & Paving Companies
  • Ecommerce Stores
  • Enterprise software
  • Events & Conferences
  • Family Law
  • Holistic Health
  • IT Companies
  • Landscaping & Outdoor Living
  • Manufacturing
  • Mortgage & Real Estate
  • Non-Profit Organizations
  • Pet Health Supplements
  • Recording Artists
  • Recycling & Environmental
  • Religious Organizations
  • Restaurants & Bars
  • Sales & Marketing Solutions
  • Schools & Higher Education
  • Technology Products
  • Trucking & Transportation
  • Women’s Health