Will you read this page?

The latest web usability stats say probably not. Instead, these stats predict you will read at most 28 words as you skim through this content.*

We live in an increasingly visual world. The popularity of Instagram, SnapChat, Pinterest, YouTube, Vine, and emojis are clear evidence of this. But while celebrities and everyday people might be just fine letting selfies, memes and hashtags tell their story, it typically isn’t so simple for businesses. Yes, you need to catch eyes and turn heads. But at some point you need to sell something, and for that you’re going to have some explaining to do.

Graphics help you quickly communicate your ideas to a wide number of people.

Thoughtfully using the right graphics throughout your web, digital, and print assets will make it easier for people to understand your content, your brand, and your business.
Examples of website graphics and imagery include:

  • Banners & calls-to-action
  • Photographs (custom or stock)
  • Content imagery
  • Social profiles & post images
  • Infographics
  • Charts & graphs (Data & Process Visualization)
  • Email templates
  • and much, much more!

Blayzer’s graphic artists are experts at finding and creating powerful imagery to support your business and marketing objectives.

We use a mix of photographs and illustrated graphics in our designs, depending on the client’s brand and preferences. Where needed, we can arrange a professional custom photo shoot to capture images for a website or marketing project.

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*So, if nothing gets read anymore, what is the point of writing a web page? That’s easy – while most humans might not read every word, search engines most certainly do. Learn more about Search Engine Optimization.

Source: The Next Web

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