Blayzer provides hosting services to maximize the availability of your mission critical web, mobile, DNS, and email solutions.Our services provide the flexibility and scalability to grow traffic and handle your needs for the long haul. We have even created custom configurations to maximize the efficiency of Magento ecommerce stores and WordPress CMS websites. We manage the complexities of keeping your solutions up and running so you can stay focused on running your business.

What separates Blayzer’s hosting services from other providers?

  • Performance — faster load times for all your mission-critical solutions
  • Control — our development team can quickly and easily spin up/down hosting environments and network resources on demand
  • Availability — Robust N+1 architecture helps to maximize uptime and minimize downtime
  • Scalability — Easily reallocate resources based on rapidly changing requirements

Hosting services available from Blayzer include Reliable Web & Email Hosting, Secure WordPress Hosting, and Website Warranty & Maintenance services.
VIRTUAL PRIVATE CLOUDLearn about our Virtual Private Cloud hosting services for Web, Mobile, DNS, Email, and more.
SECURE WORDPRESS HOSTINGFind out how our custom configuration protects your site from hackers.
MAGENTO ECOMMERCE HOSTINGServing up speed and reliability for Magento and ecommerce sites.

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