MAGNETO ECommerce Hosting

We know ecommerce and we know Magento, so we know what a site needs to succeed. Here’s how Blayzer applies this expertise to Magento ecommerce hosting:

  • Hostway is our certified Magento provider and can make recommendation when necessary
  • Flexibility to control resources in real-time.
  • State-of-the-art firewall and intrusion detection hardware and applications to ensure the integrity of your site and customer data.
  • Customized solutions for very specific needs.
  • Expert support round-the-clock.

Blayzer does more than just tackle the basics of hosting and running your Magento deployment. We take responsibility for the continued optimal function of your site. Our custom Magento hosting solutions offer the reliability necessary for large-scale, multi-transactional, traffic-heavy and user-friendly solutions. Our data center brings together performance and support to remove the complexities of running an application like Magento. You can stick to your business and leave the server optimization, patching, scaling, monitoring, and more to us.


  • Dedicated Virtual Machine in Blayzer’s Private Cloud Solution
  • Specifications:
    • CPU – 16 cores
    • RAM – 32 gigabytes
    • Hard Drive (Raid 1) 50 gigabytes
    • Hypervisor is Hyper-V on Windows 2012r2
    • CentOS 7
    • Apache 2.4.23
    • Firewalls – the VM’s can utilize IP tables locally to blacklist/whitelist IP’s
    • PHP 5.5
    • MySQL 5.6
    • Monthly Bandwidth 2000 gigabytes
    • Peak Bandwidth 2000 gigabytes
    • Daily Backup with CDM backup solutions
    • 24/7 monitoring
    • LAMP Operating systems
    • AAA Class Data Center


Blayzer guarantees that the network will be available 99.6% of the time in a given month excluding maintenance. Blayzer will take into consideration refunds for any downtime that occurs past this guarantee. Network uptime includes functioning of all network infrastructure including routers, switches and cabling. Network downtime exists when a particular customer is unable to transmit and receive data and Blayzer records such failure in the Blayzer trouble ticket system. Network downtime is measured from the time the trouble ticket is opened by a customer to the time the server is once again able to transmit and receive data.

Blayzer guarantees the functioning of all leased hardware components and will replace any failed component at no cost to the customer. Hardware replacement will begin immediately upon identification of the hardware failure and is guaranteed to be complete within 6 hours of problem identification. Hardware is defined as the Processor(s), RAM, hard disk(s), motherboard, NIC card and other related hardware included under the server lease.


For optimal performance, Blayzer will be installing custom Memcached option and page caching to assist with each of the category and product pages. If necessary, we can add more CPU or RAM to the server within 15-30 minutes. If there is a special sale or a spike in traffic we can add more computer power to the box for the time that the sale is being run. If a larger hosting solution is needed based on the traffic we can consult with our datacenter to spec out a larger hosting package for you.


For normal ecommerce security we request a minimum of a 128 bit SSL be installed onto the domain name. We also recommend Cloudflare for DNS CDN Services. This will allow us to block any and all unwanted traffic. If requested, we can implement an intrusion detection software to allow additional security.

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