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Meet Brightpearl.

The omnichannel retail management system that puts your orders, inventory, financials, POS, and CRM in one place.

What Is Brightpearl?

Brightpearl is a retail-tailored Digital Operations Platform built for omnichannel merchants. Brightpearl provides a robust infrastructure to centralize and automate all your critical post-purchase operations, including inventory, order management, warehousing, fulfillment, shipping, purchasing, accounting, supplier management, POS, CRM, and retail business intelligence. While all your core operations are optimized, you’ll be able to swiftly adjust to any market changes and grow your business without any inefficiency holding you back. Brightpearl is fully integrated with the digital technology ecosystem to support businesses as they grow.

Who Uses Brightpearl?

Brightpearl serves a wide variety of businesses from online retailers to brick-and-mortar stores. Brightpearl helps businesses with growing their brand, freeing up time to focus on optimizing the customer journey, managing the complexities of a multichannel business, and managing your storefront with ease. Brightpearl also provides services for eCommerce channels such as eBay, Walmart, BigCommerce, and Amazon. With Brightpearl, you can manage your eBay store with an easy-to-use platform, leverage the power of the world’s largest retailer with Walmart integration, utilize a complete Digital Operations Platform for your BigCommerce store, and streamline your multi-channel sales with Amazon integration.

How Is Brightpearl Different Than Other Digital Operations Platforms?

With a retail-tailored Digital Operations Platform like Brightpearl, you are able to streamline all the post-purchase operations in one system, while enabling quick and agile operational adjustments. Unlike Order Management Solutions, Brightpearl consolidates all operational data in one place, is built to scale with advanced functionality, delivers actionable insights, and more. Unlike ERP systems, Brightpearl is built solely for retail and wholesale, adapts to your existing workflows, doesn’t require endless and pricey customizations, implements your project in-house, and grows with you.

How Does Blayzer Add Value to Brightpearl?

As a full-service ecommerce design, development, and marketing agency, Blayzer can do more than just refer Brightpearl to its clients. We can help retailers integrate Brightpearl with their businesses or ecommerce stores seamlessly and with ease. Once Brightpearl is fully integrated and up and running, Blayzer’s marketing experts can provide strategic consulting and services to help make the most of their new integration and Digital Operations Platform.

How Can I Learn More About Brightpearl?

You can visit Brightpearls’s website to explore on your own, or contact Blayzer for a guided introduction. We’ll be happy to give you the high-level details and help you assess whether Brightpearl is a fit for your needs. We can also connect you to a Brightpearl expert for more information and even help you set up a solution demo if you’d like to learn more.