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Meet dotdigital.

The extended warranty platform that empowers businesses to offer extended warranties and accident protection to their customers

What Is dotdigital?

The dotdigital platform is an omnichannel marketing solution for B2C, B2B, and NFP marketers in the Americas. With dotdigital you can import data, build segments and triggers, and create relevant marketing campaigns that engage your customers through e-mail, SMS, chat, retargeting, social, mobile, and web channels. Some of dotdigital’s features include marketing automation, AI, product recommendations, reporting & analytics, ecommerce, and so much more. They also provide onboarding, training, and customer support services to those who use the dotdigital solution.

Who Uses dotdigital?

dotdigital serves over 4,000 brands in over 150 countries ranging from ecommerce, retail stores, travel agencies, higher education, sports teams and brands, non-profit organizations, and more! Whatever the challenge, dotdigital’s platform and industry experts help brands become more successful. If you are wanting to amplify your online customer engagement, streamline your marketing automation to boost revenue, re-engage dormant contacts, increase your ROI, or use omnichannel communications to help those in need, dotdigital is the marketing solution for you.

How Is dotdigital Different Than Other Omnichannel Marketing Solutions?

dotdigital offers a free marketing guide about getting started with SMS marketing in addition to a free, 14-day Engagement Cloud trial. They also offer support and training as well as a best practices guide, infographics, and webinars. In addition, dotdigital is the world’s first carbon-neutral marketing automation platform! Since 1999, they have focused on empowering marketers to connect with customers online. As a result, dotdigital has created a powerful automation platform that unites all digital channels.

How Does Blayzer Add Value to dotdigital?

As a full-service ecommerce design, development, and marketing agency, Blayzer can do more than just refer dotdigital to its clients. We can help retailers integrate dotdigital with their businesses or ecommerce stores seamlessly and with ease. Once dotdigital is fully integrated and up and running, Blayzer’s marketing experts can provide strategic consulting and services to help make the most of their new integration and omnichannel marketing solution.

How Can I Learn More About dotdigital?

You can visit dotdigital’s website to explore on your own, or contact Blayzer for a guided introduction. We’ll be happy to give you the high-level details and help you assess whether dotdigital is a fit for your needs. We can also connect you to a dotdigital expert for more information and even help you set up a solution demo if you’d like to learn more.