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Meet Rewind.

An app that backs up the critical data your store runs on

Your ecommerce store runs on data– but is it protected? Data loss means poor performance, broken functionalities, downtime, and lost sales. In the event of account-level data loss (e.g. the problem is solely affecting your account, not the platform as a whole), it is your responsibility to restore or recreate that data. Imagine reuploading and reconfiguring every single app, image, theme code, or product description in your store– probably not an efficient solution.

Rewind provides automatic account-level backups of your store data, such as images, product descriptions, blog posts, theme codes, and more. With Rewind installed, you can ensure your store data is safely backed up and able to be restored on demand.

What Is Rewind?

We all know we should floss regularly, but who’s got the time? Enter Rewind. In our oral health analogy, Rewind is a friendly, invisible tooth fairy that visits each night to take care of all your dental needs. It all happens in the background while you’re dreaming away. Rewind makes it simple to practice good data hygiene with automatic, daily backups. No more remembering to manually export data, run a backup program, or pick up more floss: Rewind takes the hassle out of data security.

Rewind is a data backup platform that uses an application programming interface (API) for companies seeking assurance of data security and business continuity between various applications and reliable data restoration in the case of data loss. Changes made to your store are automatically and instantly captured by Rewind, and securely stored in the Rewind Vault.

Rewind can restore individual items like blogs, customer lists, and images, or Rewind can restore multiple items at once, such as your entire store. If anything goes wrong or you simply wish to reverse a change, just select the date when everything worked perfectly and click restore. Your data will be restored back to your instance (e.g. your Shopify store), and your store will appear exactly how it did on the date you selected.

Who Uses Rewind?

Rewind protects over 2 petabytes of data for over 100,000 organizations in over 100 countries. Whether you’re a large merchant or a small start-up, your store runs on data, so you need to protect it. Companies such as Hasbro, the Python Foundation, and Glossier trust Rewind to secure the essential data that their stores rely upon.

How Is Rewind Different Than Other Data Restoration Software?

Rewind integrates seamlessly with popular platforms, including QuickBooks Online (QBO), Shopify, and BigCommerce. They are the ultimate tool for SaaS data protection and the insurance needed by companies to be sure data will be recoverable when required.

Companies that rely entirely on their SaaS platform for backups are at risk of losing data to buggy third-party apps, poorly configured CSV uploads, cyberattacks, or simple human error. SaaS platforms such as Intuit or Shopify do not guarantee your data’s integrity and cannot perform account-level data restores for you. If you check the platform’s terms of service, they likely have some language about assuming no responsibility for your individual data, such as products, images, descriptions, theme codes, and more.

Rewind provides end-to-end, military grade encryption of your data and automatic daily backups of every change you make to your store. Rewind’s simple, easy-to-use interface ensures everyone can back up and restore data on-demand, with no coding, tickets, or specialized technical knowledge required. And in the unlikely case that something does go wrong with your restore, Rewind has an award-winning support team with data restoration specialists standing by to assist. With over 1000 5-star reviews and a 9.5/10 G2 score for Customer Support, Rewind is the clear choice for those who want stress-free backups they can restore in minutes.

How Does Blayzer Add Value to Rewind?

As a full-service ecommerce design, development, and marketing agency, Blayzer can do more than just refer Rewind to its clients. We can help retailers integrate Rewind with their businesses or ecommerce stores seamlessly and with ease. Once Rewind is fully integrated and up and running, Blayzer’s marketing experts can provide strategic consulting and services to help make the most of their new integration.

How Can I Learn More About Rewind?

You can visit Rewind’s website to explore on your own or contact Blayzer for a guided introduction. We’ll be happy to give you high-level details and help you assess whether Rewind is a fit for your needs. We can also connect you to a Rewind data specialist for more information and even help you set up a custom demo if you’d like to learn more.