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Facebook’s new “Explore” Feature

Following recent updates, Facebook seems to be working on adding a new feature to its app: Explore

We were alerted to this when one of our employees spotted this new feature on her phone. None of us has heard of it before so we decided to dig deeper to understand this new feature of Facebook.

Anyway, here’s what the “Explore” feature can do.

Currently, you receive information from people that you follow or groups that you are a part of, which means you choose what information you want to receive. There are some restrictions on the information.

The “Explore” feature gives you the chance to access information from people who you don’t follow, but still relevant and reflect your interest. With this new feature, you can discover new content, and new people/pages to follow for interesting and unique things.

More importantly, until now, the “Explore” feature is ad-free. So it’s a big Yes.

If you want to experience this new feature from Facebook, click on the Explore tab on your app. If you only want to view your original news feed, stay in the Home tab.

Have you used this feature yet? Feel free to share with us your thoughts in the comments section below. Now go and explore!