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For Continuous Content, Frack It!

In this digital age of content marketing, businesses are feeling the strain to produce an ongoing stream of information to consumers. The pressure to pump out meaningful and interesting content can drive even the best a little coo-coo!

When budgets are tight, staff is lean, and time is scarce it can be challenging to keep up, but have no fear! Blayzer is here! Next time that deadline is looming, don’t start from square one, or worse, run the other way, just Frack It! Get the most of out of every piece of content you produce by repackaging, refocusing, and repurposing material across multiple marketing channels. Doing so will not only save your sanity and time, but it will also be good for your SEO, extending your reach, and attracting new followers.

So now you are thinking “Well that makes perfectly good sense! But…how?

Here are a few good tricks for reviving your work and keeping your audience engaged:



Because 65% of our audiences are visual learners and visual data is processed 60,000 times faster by the brain than text, infographics are an excellent way to re-use information. Infographics are appealing and straight to the point, which will appeal to skimmers and avid readers alike.


Put your favorite case study in motion.

Did you have a client with a wonderful outcome, even with all its challenges? Change that into a short video walking your audience through the process. Show them the steps and give them a feel for how your business does things in another visual and engaging way.


Bring your how-to guide to life.

Remember that great post you made about “7 Ways to Re-Brand Your Business”? Well this is your chance to break that down. Make that one post a series of tweets that link back to your blog site. Each week you give out a “tip” and have them on the lookout for the next bite of the seven course meal you have planned for them.


Re-Introduce your older blog posts for “Wayback Wednesdays” or “Throwback Thursdays”.

Between hashtags and Timehop, everyone enjoys revisiting the past. The great thing about that is now you can do the same thing for your old blog posts. Hopefully, your following has significantly increased since you first started and you have a lot of people who didn’t get to see that great material.


Interview Professionals in Your Inner Circle.

How easy is it pull your co-worker or good friend who happens to be a professional in the field and let them answer a few questions and/or give insight on a topic? Their point of view and contributions may even lead you to a few more content topics!

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