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Future Tech Is Coming: What Wearable & Implanted Devices Mean for Marketers

24/7 Technology: Wearables

24/7 Technology

It seems that as technology becomes more and more advanced, it becomes more integrated with our daily lives, both physically and psychologically. Think about it: how many of us sleep with our smart phones just inches away? For many people, our phones are the last thing we see before we go to bed and the first thing we reach for when we wake up. Of course, there are points where we have to put down the devices, but wearable technology has now made it possible to stay physically connected 24/7.

The Future Has Arrived

Several Swedish companies have taken this idea of 24/7 tech even further. These companies are starting to implant their employees with RFID chips the size of a grain of rice. The process is painless and completely voluntary. With a swipe of the hand employees can be granted access into rooms, buildings, computers, and company machines.

27/7 Technology – RFID Implant

This technology can open doors to possibilities that have only been dreamed of in Sci-Fi movies.

Imagine: a world where credit cards, ID cards, receipts, coupons, business cards, and even keys are no longer needed. Through the power of a tiny microchip, there would be no more need to remember all those user names, PINs, and passwords. The world could simultaneously become more secure AND more accessible.

Marketing Gets Personal

What could this new tech mean for marketers and brands?

Of course, as the saying goes, The consumer engagement possibilities would be endless. Marketers could engage with consumers throughout their entire pathway to purchase. Real-time engagement is becoming more critical in order to lead to an actual purchase. The implanted microchip will record and store all consumer buying behaviors and preferences, which could potentially be provided to stores to allow them to tailor superior customer service to each individual person.

Picture this: a customer walks into a retail store. The NFC tags within the store recognize her and know she’s recently Googled dark-wash, low-rise, boot cut jeans. With this information, the computer will direct an ad to appear on one of the store screens that personally greets her then directs her to the jeans she’s been searching for.

personalized web ad
Ads Get Personal

We’re rapidly approaching an age where devices will essentially be able to read our minds. If we stay on this path, there will eventually be no use for handheld OR wearable objects to store and share that most precious of commodities: information.

Friendly, fun, or frightening?

Despite the amazing possibilities microchip implants could bring, some people still consider this progression of technology concerning. Exactly how close is too close when it comes to technology? Where does privacy come into play? These are a couple of concerns consumers share as society and machines continue to merge. However, some may counter argue that the cost of privacy is well worth total security. Another counter argument to this point: if hackers can take over government websites, what’s to stop them from hacking your microchip?

You be the judge: innovation or invasion?