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Going Digital Is More Important Than Ever

Get Ready for Your Digital Transformation

The coronavirus pandemic has had a huge impact on virtually everyone and everything in the world around us. It’s altered how people think and feel. It’s affected how we see our friends, family, and community members, and how we treat ourselves and others. It’s changed what we want and need, and how we get those things.

Because we as people are changing, our jobs and businesses are changing, too. There is a great deal of uncertainty about what the future holds, but there is one thing we know for sure – we cannot go back. We can only move forward and find our way through the “new normal”. Right now, the best path forward is digital transformation.

Before the coronavirus changed the world as we know it, going digital was already a strong and growing trend. Now that COVID-19 is here, going digital is more important than ever.

This isn’t the end, it’s only the beginning

The COVID-19 crisis has highlighted a deep vulnerability in the business community and it needs to be considered part of your contingency and continuity planning.

An article on CNN’s website written by David Culver, states that citizens in Wuhan (China), the hub of the coronavirus cases and believed point of origin, are in great fear of a second wave of the virus and thus, a second lockdown of their city and country. With GDP down nearly 40% after the first wave, who knows what the second wave will do to China’s GDP. With China having restrictions much more strict than the United States, a second wave hitting the U.S. is not too far fetched either.

Even though stay-at-home orders and restrictions across the country are easing, this is not the end of the COVID-19 pandemic. The novel coronavirus is still out there, and it will be there until we are able to contain it, reliably protect ourselves against it, or mitigate its effects with a proven and tested vaccine. People will still be minimizing community contact and seeking to meet more of their needs through online services. Workplaces will still need to take extra caution and support work-from-home policies to keep potentially ill or exposed workforces productive. Businesses will still need to be ready to meet the needs of their customers and employees online.

EVERYONE is online

With everyone being stuck at home, there’s not much to do but go online. When COVID hit, internet use surged up by 70% according to Forbes. With more people doing more things than ever online, going digital is only going to help your business. Not only will it help during this pandemic, but after as well. We are living in a digital age, so more and more people are online, pandemic or not.

Even before the coronavirus changed our lives, the world was well on its way to a fully digital trend. Fewer people were shopping in malls while more people were shopping online – not just for hard-to-find products, but for everyday items like groceries and toothpaste. The coronavirus just fast-tracked this trend, which is why going digital is more important than ever.

So who has made the switch to digital?

For every heartwrenching news story you see about businesses closing down for good or furloughing employees, there are dozens of silent success stories you don’t hear about. You don’t hear about them because they are hard at work keeping things running, and waving your banner during others’ hard times distracts attention from those in need. Do not be discouraged by doom and gloom in the headlines. There are plenty of bright spots shining below the surface.

Here in St. Louis, Blayzer Digital has helped A.E. Schmidt Billiards shift their website from an online showroom to a fully functioning ecommerce shop in no time. We got them up and selling online just in time for the rush of homebound consumers looking for home gaming products and accessories to help pass the downtime. Their fast action and prior preparation put them in the perfect position to make the pivot and keep doing business when others could not.

The Blayzer team also helped business IT company ThrottleNet launch a whole new remote desktop solution (EverFuel) from concept to lead generation in under 2 weeks. They deserve the lion’s share of the credit for getting their product created and launched, but our solid groundwork and quick response in digital marketing helped get the word out so leads could start rolling in on Day 1. This level of integration between operations and marketing is a winning strategy that is working very well for them, and it can work for you, too, if you build the right team or find the right partner.

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