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The Golden Rules of Email Marketing

When deciding whether to run an email campaign, one of the most critical things you’ll want to know are the rules of email marketing. Who can you send emails to? When and how often? What are you allowed to say? You’ll certainly want to brush up on the laws that protect privacy and regulate practice (CAN-SPAM, CASL, GDPR, to name a few). There is also another important idea to keep in mind: The Golden Rules of Email Marketing.

The Golden Rules of Email Marketing

When it comes to email marketing it is important to make sure that you are sending the right message to the right target at the right time.

The Right Message

Most of the time, your customers are telling you what the message should be. If you know what your customers are interested in and what is relevant to them, you should be able to create the message just for them. Find clues to help piece together a complete story. Look for things like how many times your site is visited, how many times visitors come back, and what people are doing while they’re on your website. What pages get the most action? What are visitors typing into your website’s search bar? There are many tools out there to help you evaluate and track this type of information. Blayzer uses Google Analytics. It’s free, easy to install on your site, and provides more information that you (or we) will probably ever be able to use.

The Right Target

As a business it is mission-critical to know who your customers are, both individually and at a broader level. If your messages are not speaking to them, then you are not communicating your message at all and your efforts will be a waste. Go back to your analytics and see what type of devices your visitors use, where they’re from, and what languages they speak. Majority male or female? What age groups? Are they coming to your site during the workday or later in the evening? These details can help you piece together a portrait of who your customers are. The very best marketers will take this even further and create Personas for their key audiences. Give it a try.

The Right Time

When a topic or subject is in demand with your customers, make sure that you address and give information about the topic at that time.  Avoid batching and blasting. If questions are surfacing from your customers, make sure you answer them as soon as possible with the details that they ask for.  If your company does periodic communication, such as a newsletter, you may run tests at different times of the day, week, month, or year to see when your target audience responds to the information the most. Running these tests help when determining when you will get the maximum interaction with your customers.  But, of course, you must also know your industry as well as your audience.

Need help applying the Golden Rules to your email marketing strategy? Give Blayzer a call! We’ve been rocking the socks off of email campaigns since the mid-late 2000s and would love to share our expertise with you. 314-446-3393