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How Blayzer is Leading the Trucking Industry

Blayzer has found its niche, the trucking industry.

We have worked with many trucking industries to redesign their website to attract more sales and more truck drivers along with creating and implementing marketing strategies that keep traffic coming to their site.

We have gained expertise in understanding the logistics and trucking industries and it has allowed us to better understand the needs of our trucking clients. This can be a challenge with some agencies who do not understand the terms used and how to meet those needs.

We never use a cookie cutter approach but below outlines a general process we’ve perfected from working with our trucking and logistics companies.

Find the Problem

Many of our trucking clients come to us for help with gaining more trucking employees and to increase sales. While each is experts in their own field of work, when it comes to digital marketing success sometimes a little help is necessary! That’s where Blayzer comes in.

Understand the Client, then Take Action:

We then begin the process of revamping the web presence of the client by doing as much research as possible to be able to understand the client and their needs inside and out. What Blayzer typically finds is that the technology and tools on the website are not appealing or user-friendly enough to meet potential drivers needs.

We Work for You!:

Blayzer assembles a team of design, marketing, and strategy experts to begin amplifying the client’s marketing messages and core values. Next, Blayzer will come up with an updated web design that’s much easier to navigate than the current site, including new graphics, and a full-screen layout that meets the client’s visual, and functional needs.

We will also make sure to clearly define the website with call-to-action buttons to allow easy navigation for the user.

New, Improved, and Ready to Go! :

But Blayzer is still not done. Once the site is live it’s time to involve the marketing team to determine the best places to advertise and attract new users. This will vary from each trucking company, but often, utilizing Google paid search, Facebook and/or LinkedIn works out well for these clients.

“Our sales team is perfectly happy sharing our web address with any and all current and potential clients now that we have a new look and great content. And with this new and improved website, we are able to do more online marketing than ever before. This will help us find new drivers and new customers” said Mike M of Dynamic Transit Sales.

Blayzer has proudly partnered with Hogan Trucking, Jung Truck and BL Logistics to provide websites that are mobile responsive, have WordPress designs, development, SEO, hosting, and more!

Blayzer Digital is a marketing leader in the transportation industry. Questioning the ability of your site’s effectiveness in your marketplace? Blayzer’s free marketing audit of your online marketing will answer these questions and much more. Blayzer also provides recommendations for future improvement. Help us help you jumpstart your digital presence today!