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How to Be a Better Client & How It Helps You

Part of the sales process for any business is looking at your current clients and saying, “We need more clients like Company ABC”. In some cases, this A-list is determined by how much and how often they buy services. In others, it comes down to the quality of the relationship. We’d never show it outwardly, but it’s inevitable that we do end up having a few favorites.

In a highly competitive arena like web development and online marketing, we encounter a lot of customers who’ve had bad experiences with other vendors. Often times, the sales process can be like a therapy session, consisting of us listening to experiences, understanding their needs, wants, and preferences and deducing where things went wrong.

Blayzer works very hard to make (and keep) our clients happy. Sometimes, that means making sure we are clear and up front about what we need from them in order to do our best work. When our efforts and our clients’ input align, that’s when real progress is made.

Here are 5 good habits of some of our favorite clients.


Communicate your vision clearly.

If we can’t get a clear understanding of what you want, we’ll never be able to deliver.


Be responsive.

Marketing and online development are extremely consultative projects. We have to understand both your business and your audience, and that means communicating with you, since you’re the best source for that information. Likewise, sometimes we need assets or resources from you, such as logos or copy. One big area where responsiveness is critical is in approvals and feedback.The more responsive you are to meeting these needs, the faster and smoother your projects will progress.


Stay in scope.

We all want to get the most bang for our buck, but it’s important to remember what the contracted project actually covers.


Listen to advice.

This is a biggie.Your web team is staffed with professionals who are trained and experienced in each of their respective areas. At least make a point of hearing us out, and if you disagree or decide to go another direction for some reason, share that information with us. We understand that sometimes, the best practices aren’t practical for your specific needs.


Don’t move the goal post.

Sometimes with long or involved projects, it can be tempting to shift goals and direction. This can create a nightmare. Consider eating at a restaurant, placing your order with special instructions, then calling your server back and changing your mind on things again and again just as your food is being cooked. Your food may never come, and when it does, it probably won’t be what you really wanted.

These suggestions will not only help your firm, but you’ll end up getting better results. At Blayzer, we’re all about positive relationships with our clients and completing the best work possible. Contact us today for a FREE consultation to see what we can accomplish for you.