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How to Increase Sales Leads.

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Want to Increase Sales Leads? Here’s Advice From An Expert.

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Brad Goldenberg, Lead Growth Expert in St. Louis, MO, would be happy to assist you!

Wondering how to get your marketing to pay off big time? What you really should be asking is how to strategically build a digital marketing plan that builds thought leadership in your industry.

For over 20 years, business leaders from sales-based companies in St. Louis and across the United States have sought my help to modernize their approach to business growth. In that time, I have learned many very valuable lessons, but one stands out above the rest. People want to work with people they know, like, and trust. Here are three ways to upgrade your sales and marketing with a proven approach to earn the role of trusted advisor, so you never feel like you’re selling – instead you’re providing a much-needed expert.

Grow Your Presence

Step one in building any kind of relationship is to get out there and meet people. It also means creating easy and reliable ways to find you online. You need to develop a strong brand (for the company and all relevant individuals), design and build a search-optimized website, and create solid social media profiles that reflect your brand and website. It is also important to know your target market – who they are, where they spend time online, what they’re searching for, and how they find solutions. With your best face forward and sights locked on your audience, you’ll be in a good position to reach out and start growing your presence with organic and paid search campaigns, display advertising, social media posts, and more.

Provide Real Value

Being present and being found is essential to bringing them to your digital doorstep. Your next task is to lure them in and hook them by demonstrating your value. This is where your content strategy really comes into play. Every piece of content you create, from your web pages and social posts to ads, videos, and marketing content, should promise or deliver some value to the user. Give them information and tools. Help them learn. Make life a little bit easier for them. If you can demonstrate value, you will be more likable and become a valued resource.

Nurture Strong Relationships

In sales-based businesses, the ball tends to roll a good bit slower than other industries. Interest takes longer to grow, people seek out much more information in the buying cycle, and choices are heavily evaluated. You need to keep the relationship with your potential customers alive and growing strong throughout this cycle. Tactics like blogging and content marketing, social media, PPC remarketing and retargeting, and email marketing can keep your brand front and center and provide opportunities for critical touchpoints.

Resources for Increasing Sales Leads

Creating a steady and sustained increase in sales leads isn’t about web tricks and marketing campaigns. It’s about creating an integrated strategy that combines the strength of your brand, website, content, and marketing to produce powerful results. Here are some tips and resources from the Blayzer team to help you on your journey.


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