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Image Rights: Check Yourself Before You Wreck Yourself

Some FAQs Blayzer has been getting consistently deal with image rights. Images are a huge headache and potential liability for businesses due to different image rights and regulations. Not knowing the rules or just pulling images from the internet could lead to not only poor image quality, but worst case scenario, it could lead to legal trouble. Blayzer doesn’t want anyone to have to deal with that, so we’re answering these FAQs in this post to help guide you through this confusing issue.

1. What are the rules for image rights?

Unfortunately, there is no set rule for images. The bottom line: always always always read the fine print. We know that’s the boring stuff, but different sites have different rules on image rights. It’s up to the user to read the rules and apply them properly when downloading and using photos

2. Can I buy images?

You can purchase the rights to images on some sites. After the purchase, you can usually use the photo on as many websites as you like. We recommend this option to our clients who don’t have their own pictures because the images are better quality and with ownership, there’s less to worry about.

However, some sites still require that you credit the photo or add a link back to their site, so we stand firm with our recommendation of reading the image rights of every site. There might also be a personal vs. commercial use option during purchase, so be aware of what you are clicking. Here are a few sites we use:

3. What if I can’t afford to buy images?

If a client doesn’t have the budget to purchase pictures, there are websites that offer free stock images. You must read the fine print on each of these websites, as well. Some require that you source the image somewhere on your website, like in papers written for academic purposes. Others want you to link the image back to their site.

The rules might not be obvious, either, so double check any site you pull images from to make sure your following their specific rules. If you find a site you like and that works well with your needs, save it! This makes it simpler each time you need to pull a photo. Here are some sites we like:

4. Can’t I just use Google images?

The last thing we want clients to do is randomly Google images and send them to us. When this happens, we have no idea where the images originated or what image rights apply to them. From there, it’s only a matter of if, or when, someone will bring legal action against us or our clients, and that’s bad news for everyone.

At Blayzer, we know the rules and how to best utilize each individual type of image site.

We’ll navigate the maze and find unique images that work for your brand. Contact us to learn more!