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Increase Web Traffic

How to Increase 6 Important Types of Website Traffic

“No traffic” might be a welcome sight to a commuter on a rushed Monday morning, but there are few things that strike as much fear in the heart of a website owner – particularly one looking make money online. It is a simple fact in the web world: no traffic = no money. Yet still, every day businesses launch websites with a mindset of, “If you build it, they will come.” And every day, companies fail because they didn’t do enough to make sure the second half of that statement comes true.

One of the best steps in this process is to understand the different types of traffic websites see, the differences between them, and how to grow each type.


Simply enough, Direct Traffic occurs when someone types your site’s URL into their web browser’s address bar and are taken directly to your site instead of finding it through an outside source. You can increase direct traffic by choosing and sharing a simple web address that is easy to remember or by getting people to bookmark your link.


Organic Search Traffic occurs when your website is found by users who type a keyword into a search engine and click on your listing link. Organic traffic can be increased by optimizing your website and content for valuable keywords.


Display Ads Traffic is another type of paid traffic. Display traffic occurs from users clicking links to your site from ads you have placed across the internet (i.e. Google Display Network or AdRoll). Display ads traffic can be increased by running more ads and increasing your ad budget.

Paid Search

Paid Search Traffic comes from “buying your way to the top.” In other words you are paying to have your website link attached to certain keywords (i.e. Google AdWords). Increasing paid traffic is typically as easy as increasing your spend.


Referral Traffic occurs from users clicking links to your site from other websites and marketing campaigns, such as emails. Referral traffic can be increased by getting more links to your site placed on other sites and upping your marketing activity.

Social Media

Social Media Traffic is a specific type of referral traffic that occurs when your website link is clicked on from a social media source, such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and others. You can increase your social traffic by growing your presence and posting more frequently on social networks.

As a digital marketing partner for lots of different businesses and organizations, one of our main day-in, day-out tasks here at Blayzer is helping our clients attract, measure, and maximize website traffic. Help is needed because it can sometimes be quite difficult to see exactly what is going on with a site. This is doubly true for trying to predict and influence how a site will perform in the future.

Understanding the data behind your website can be extremely beneficial. For example; when looking at your websites data we might see that your referral traffic is down. We look back at the data we have collected and find your email referral rating is way down. We then create a strategy that could help improve your emails and increase the number of clicks your website receives. We can tell you when this occurs, and then use the information we’ve gathered to help find ways to boost  web traffic.

No matter the size or industry of your business, we are here to work with you to find the best possible marketing and web solutions to fit your needs. Schedule a free consultation call to find out what our experts recommend for you.

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