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Leveling Up Our ShipStation Agency Partner Status

Level Up!

Blayzer Digital took our agency partnership with ShipStation to the next level this spring! We have been partners with ShipStation and its parent company, Auctane, since 2020. Auctane’s partner program is called the Alliance Program. This spring, Blayzer ranked 3rd out of all Auctane’s Alliance Program Agency Partners. We made the leaderboard!

We're Proud to Be a ShipStation Agency Partner

Blayzer’s rise through the ranks didn’t happen by accident. It is a the result of two companies’ strong commitment to partnership and growing together as a ecommerce community. We want the best for our clients, and ShipStation is a shining example of what “best” is. ShipStation’s best-in-class order management and shipping software makes order fulfillment quicker, easier, and more affordable for retailers. Their solutions allow our clients to spend more time creating what they love, so we keep recommending ShipStation into our clients’ ecommerce technology stack. ShipStation has been a vital component of nearly every commerce project we’ve tackled so far this year. ShipStation has been a dream to work with and the perfect partner for all our ecommerce shipping needs.

A Lasting Partnership

ShipStation sets a high standard for what an ecommerce tech partnership should be. They are readily available to us when we have questions. They work with us to find solutions and assist our customers. They provide the resources, insights, and support we need to help market and grow our business in this industry. And likewise, they value our input and the vital role we play as an agency partner and ecommerce technology consultants. We both want to make our customers happy, and this agency partnership has only increased our customer’s satisfaction. Our agency partnership with ShipStation has been invaluable to us and we are excited to continue growing this partnership. We look forward to sharing the stage with ShipStation at the Midwest Ecommerce Summit in St. Louis this fall!