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LinkedIn foosball table

LinkedIn: the Most Underrated Form of Social Media

Don’t Miss Out

LinkedIn is arguably one of the strongest tools accessible to business professionals right now, and yet many people still don’t use it, or if they do not very often. But why? In the 21st-century business world that we live in, LinkedIn is an essential tool to take advantage of to catch the interest of employers and put a genuine/thorough overview of your skills on display for the working world to see.

LinkedIn Doesn't Discriminate

LinkedIn is essentially an online resume, with its main purpose being building a network of professional contacts. Building your network of professionals on LinkedIn is not just limited to the millennials looking for jobs fresh out of college, it can apply to anyone including:

  • Business owners
  • Those who are self-employed
  • Business professionals
  • B2B professionals
  • B2C professionals

LinkedIn is not limited to only those who have a fancy business and marketing degrees but instead is all inclusive across-the-board no matter what your industry.

Don’t Get it Confused

LinkedIn isn’t Facebook therefore the content/people your following should reflect that. When using LinkedIn steer clear of inappropriate content and humor. Ask yourself, if my boss saw what I just shared would they approve? But in turn LinkedIn is the perfect place to showcase trends in your industry via captivating articles and videos. Use this to your advantage to impress, and or inspire your LinkedIn connections on a boring Monday when they need a little motivation!

Your Built In Resume

Ever feel trapped when updating your resume because there isn’t enough space to fit everything you need to say into 1-2 pages? That’s okay because LinkedIn is your digital resume. And you don’t have to leave anything out!

Show What You Know

LinkedIn allows users to create their own posts, similar to Facebook statuses. But the difference is a Facebook status just allows your to share your views, opinions, of what you think/feel about a topic or situation, you can upload song lyrics, whatever. LinkedIn on the other hand gives you the opportunity to be the expert on a particular product, industry, process, or theory etc.

New Form of Business Cards

In the past, if someone handed you their business card and you lost it that could potentially mean that you lost your connection to them unless they were in the phone book. This is no longer a problem when you look at LinkedIn as a built-in business card! All of the same information that you would have on your business card is accessible through LinkedIn while also being friendly to web and mobile users.

Looking for a Job?

LinkedIn makes it easy to apply for jobs via third-party websites. What’s even better is that LinkedIn will notify you of jobs you might be interested in via notifications to your LinkedIn account. You are just a few clicks away from instantly being connected to HR professionals looking for someone like you!

Tips for a LinkedIn Savvy Profile

  • Have a professional photograph your picture
  • Host your recommendations so recruiters are able to see what previous employers have to say about you and your work
  • Always continue expanding your network
  • Endorse others for their skills, along with listing your skills

LinkedIn is a strategic method of social media, so use it wisely, and to your advantage!