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marketing vs advertising

Marketing vs Advertising

Isn’t advertising and marketing the same thing?

No, no it’s not. To the untrained eye, it might seem like they are the same thing, but advertising is a function of marketing. While both advertising and marketing seek to do the same thing–selling a good/service, there are also differences between the two.

With all the design work, photography, and compelling copy it’s easy to fall in love with advertising, but guess what helps bring that advertisement to life? A marketing strategy.

Advertising can be like making a billboard, but marketing is making sure that billboard’s message is being reached, marketing is knowing where to place that billboard, and it’s also making sure the phone number on the billboard is connecting potential customers to a representative.

So what is marketing?

Marketing is a process, a set of activities to get your product/service to the marketplace. From segmenting the market to identifying target markets, and adopting a marketing strategy to promote the product/service while meeting the needs of the target audience.

There are four key components of marketing known as the marketing mix, and it is executed through the 4 P’s: product, place, price, and promotion.

Product: Is a good or service that meets a specific need of the consumer. The product or service should usually have a unique selling point and is understood by the consumer.

Price: Deals with how much the consumer will pay for that product or service. Consumers can link a value to your product depending on how it is priced. Also, how the product or service is price can determine the success of your business.

Promotion: Is how well you sell your product or service, and that’s where advertising comes into play. Promotion is set of activities to get your product into the eyes of your target audience and is done through advertising, public relation, sales promotions, or word of mouth. Promotion is all about communication.

Place: Is all about where your product or service will be placed in the marketplace, and getting it to where it’s accessible to your target audience. The placement function also has to do with how your product is distributed.

Great, so what’s advertising, then?

Like I said earlier, advertising is a function of marketing, and is done in the promotion stage of marketing. Advertising is paid announcement that should persuade the consumer to purchase your product, and it’s also expensive! But it should be expensive, you want your product to sell, don’t you? So, you’ll need to have a strong, clear message that will be reached by the intended target audience, and sometimes people outside your target.

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