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PR & Press Releases.

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What does a digital marketing company know about press releases? Quite a bit, actually.

We know the best practices for creating newsworthy announcements that grab attention and get published. We know the precise formatting requirements and optimization tricks. We’re very familiar with the tedious online submission process.

Most importantly, though, we know that press releases aren’t just for PR anymore! In fact, press releases are a pretty underutilized tool in a marketer’s toolkit. In addition to helping spread the word about your business and news to journalists, bloggers and content aggregators, press releases can help strengthen the bond between your brand and important keywords, client and partner brands, news topics and trends, and much more.

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Press Release Tips for Gaining Backlinks

For a long time, press releases were used primarily to get the attention of local media. However, today press releases can be used to incorporate an effective SEO strategy as well by earning high quality backlinks. Backlinks drive more traffic to your site and send positive signals to search engines about the quality of your content, which help your site get ranked higher overall.

Some Tips for Gaining More Backlinks:

  • Write content using strategic keywords to boost the chance of your press release being noticed
  • Include a photo, custom graphic, video, or audio clip in your press release to make your news more engaging
  • Make your press release easy to access on your site in order for people to link back to your website
  • Add clear and concise reference links geared toward suitable content on your site
  • Distribute your press releases to related news information networks (pay for broader distribution to widen your reach)
  • Spread your press releases on social media with smart timing and tagging strategies

Good Times to Publish an SEO Press Release

  • Launch a new venture or startup
  • Add a new product or service
  • Announce a partnership
  • Announce a new award, accreditation, or certification
  • Introduce a new hire
  • Announce an executive promotion
  • Promote a marketing campaign or event
  • Declare your solution to a problem
  • Legally required statements and reports
  • Celebrate business milestones
  • Demonstrate support for your community
  • Leverage news events and trends
  • Report findings and results

SEO Press Release Services



  • Identify your ideal press release topics, frequency and timing



  • Attention-grabbing headline formulated for SEO and human readers alike
  • 500-1000 words of high-impact, keyword optimized copy
  • Company info boilerplate
  • Smart SEO keyword anchor links
  • Clear, defined call-to-action
  • Paid link/image/video inclusion available upon request, client is responsible for third party costs



  • Submit press release to up to 3 free distribution sites
  • Industry/location/network targeting where available
  • Paid site distribution upon request (client is responsible for third party costs)
  • Targeted outreach/distribution and additional PR services available upon request, add-on option



  • We’ll track your press release and report on the results

Why wait months for page-one search exposure when you can get it now? Contact Blayzer Digital to set up your SEO press release consultation today!

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