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Rev Up Your Revenue with an Email Newsletter Campaign

If you only have room for one email marketing campaign in your budget, it should be an email newsletter. Newsletters are an easy and economical way to stay in touch with your contact list, feed your readers’ appetite for information, and drive high quality traffic to your website. Newsletters integrate well within a broader marketing strategy, giving you a place to share your content and generating plenty of data for analysis and reporting.

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Tell Your Story

Publishing an effective email newsletter is about much more than promoting your offer and staying in touch. It’s about storytelling. Each issue provides an opportunity to take your readers on a journey through the Who, What, Whe, Where, and Why of your value proposition and position you as the Knight in Shining Armor — or at least a trusted advisor and resource within your field. The happily-ever-after? Becoming your customer.

There is no rule that says your newsletter has to include news (or letters, for that matter). What you choose to include in your emails is entirely up to you. You can choose to publish on a regular, reliable schedule or send them on-the-fly for a more “breaking news” style approach. The choice is yours — newsletter campaigns are flexible enough to fit easily into most marketing strategies.

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Industry-Leading CRM, Marketing & Sales Process Automation Solutions

The importance of the solution that houses your sales and marketing list, manages your sales process, and controls your marketing campaigns cannot be overstated. If you don’t believe us, just ask your sales team. If you’re lucky, they will tell you how much they like having a complete view of every opportunity and being prepared for calls with organized resources and clear next steps to keep the sale moving forward. More likely, they’ll tell you that they wish they had these things.

Whether you are looking to set up a customer relationship management (CRM) or marketing automation platform (MAP) for the very first time, are searching for the right platform, or just need help getting your existing system working the way you need it to, Blayzer can help. Our marketing experts have configured, used and managed sales and marketing databases, campaigns, and automated workflows in over a dozen industry-leading solutions.


Blayzer designs and executes rich, CAN-SPAM-compliant email newsletter campaigns designed to boost brand engagement and generate sales leads for our clients. Our newsletters are strategically crafted to educate, inform, inspire, and drive action.

Here’s what a typical full-service Blayzer email newsletter campaign includes:

  • Strategic development
  • Campaign managemen
  • List services
  • Content development & custom copywriting
  • HTML template design & production
  • Email delivery
  • Lead management
  • Results tracking, analysis, and reporting

Managed Service Option: You provide the creative elements, we run the campaign. We save time, you save money. Just one example of how we work with our clients to find ways to keep costs under control and accelerate the campaign cycle.