When you think of email marketing, you most likely envision promotional emails like the ones your favorite brands use to announce offers, deals and downloads. You might even think about content-packed newsletters and digital digests. While these are certainly powerful tools for your email marketing arsenal, they are best suited for increasing loyalty and nurturing revenue from existing relationships. This is only half of the lead generation equation.

The other half – prospecting – is often overlooked in a business’s email strategy.

Make no mistake, there is a legal and responsible way to reach out to new contacts using email, and it works! The key lies in understanding how prospecting differs from promotion.

Prospecting vs. Promotion

Unlike promotional campaigns, the goal of email prospecting should be less about “open → click → convert” and more about filtering down a cold email list (maybe one that you got from a trade show, received from a business partner or purchased from a list provider) into a manageable amount of actionable information for your sales or lead generation team to pursue.

This keeps your follow up costs low and saves you from wasting valuable time, effort and reputation on people who have no need for or interest in your offer.

Email Prospecting Goals:

Prospecting is about user acquisition and identifying good prospects for future marketing and sales efforts. Note that the primary goal of prospecting is to filter a large pool of suspects into a smaller pool of prospects, not simply to generate sales conversions. Those should come when our message and list are on point, but they are more of a bonus at this stage.

  • Filter a Large Contact List
  • Find/Confirm Decision Makers
  • Break the Ice/Start Conversations
  • Build relationships with new contacts
  • Generate Marketing-Qualified Leads
  • May also generate Sales-Qualified Leads, but they are not the primary goal for this campaign type

Blayzer Email Prospecting Services

Blayzer designs and executes CAN-SPAM-compliant email prospecting campaigns to generate leads and brand awareness for our clients. Our campaigns are strategically crafted to sail through SPAM filters, command attention in the recipient’s inbox, clearly communicate your value proposition, and elicit a timely response.

Here’s what a typical Blayzer email prospecting campaign includes:

What do you do with your pool of email prospects?

You grow them into leads with a nurturing email campaign.

Don’t let fear or uncertainty keep you from maximizing your marketing reach.

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