Even with outstanding SEO efforts, most search results will display paid results above the fold on the first page. Google AdWords complements your long-term SEO strategy by allowing you to bid on top results for specific keywords.

Additionally, the Google ad network is consistently growing and users no longer just see your ads in the standard Google search results. Ads can also reach searchers on mobile devices, on YouTube, within their favorite apps, and more.

Target Your Ideal Audience

To start we develop a refined list of keywords that people are searching for and are highly relevant to your business. When developing this list, we seek to target specific searches that will not just click through but also engage with your site once they reach it. We do this by performing market research and analyzing the search engine results pages to study the intent behind searches.

The goal is to find those unique keywords that effectively define your business while providing a cost-efficient way of delivering the keyword traffic.

Budget Your Campaign

For a typical campaign, Google’s AdWords service operates on a “Cost per Click” basis so you only pay when someone interacts with your ad. For each AdWords campaign created by the Blayzer marketing team we will perform a complete analysis of the keywords we will be targeting and provide you with a recommended budget based on factors such as the competitiveness of the keywords. Our experts work to maximize your budget to get the most engaged clicks.

Your Account, Our Expertise

We understand that your pay per click account history is an asset to your business, and we treat it with care accordingly.  No need to re-create accounts or abandon prior progress. We simply take over managing your account while you are under contract with us.

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