So, you have a great website with captivating content and a growing audience.

How do you convert all this activity into business opportunity and real revenue? Like many things in business, the answer lies within your sales and marketing process.

Have you ever wondered how some companies are so good at making money? It’s not because they’re cooking the books or scamming their customers – not all of them, anyway. The real reason some businesses are so good at generating revenue is because they’ve designed and implemented a formal marketing and sales processes. According to a 2015 study published by Harvard Business Review, companies with a process in place generate 18% more revenue growth than those without.

Blayzer helps our clients build and execute marketing and sales processes that drive growth and efficiency. Our services include:

  • Mapping your customer journey, marketing funnel, and sales pipeline
  • Integrating sales tools & technologies
  • Sales & marketing alignment consulting
  • Developing effective collateral content
  • Lead qualification & nurturing processes
  • Negotiation, closing & retention processes
  • Tracking & measuring results – ROI & Cost Per Lead

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