Social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter are free for all to use and enjoy, so why hire a company like Blayzer to do it?

Because a half-baked or neglected social media presence is worse than nothing at all.

Social media is much more complex for businesses than it is for personal use. Plenty of companies who take the do-it-myself route will see zero return on their costly investment of creativity and manpower. It’s an unfortunate reality that we see every day. It isn’t that the average business owner or marketing manager doesn’t have the ability to do the job. It’s just that effective social media marketing requires a lot of coordination, time, and attention. It demands swift response and a bold voice. Those resources are all difficult to muster on top of running every other aspect of your business. That’s exactly Blayzer brings to the table for our social media clients.


Your social media is the online voice for your business, and it should be uniquely you. The experts in Blayzer’s marketing department will work with you to hone your brand’s social media messaging and develop a plan to work towards your goals. Before even beginning your social media campaign our team will first seek to understand your needs:

  • What are your goals for social media?
  • Which social networks will best suit your business goals?
  • Where is your target audience most active?
  • What tactics will we use to get fans to engage?
  • How will we measure your success (and ours)?

Our experts will use this knowledge about your needs to build a custom strategy for your business on any of these top social media platforms:

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Google+
  • YouTube
  • LinkedIn
  • Pinterest
  • Instagram

Don’t see your favorite social network on the list? Ask us!


The first step of implementing your social media strategy is claiming and setting up your profile or page. Your profile is more than a place to enter your contact information. It’s a chance to build trust, share your personality, optimize for keywords, and showcase the best of your brand. Blayzer can design and optimize your social media profile pages with custom content and imagery.


Once a page or profile is set up, the biggest hurdle in social media marketing is the day-to-day management of your accounts. Here are the services Blayzer provides to make your business’s social life a little less exhausting.

  • Editorial Calendar – We’ll establish a schedule for your social media programs that easily integrates with other parts of your marketing plan
  • Content Development – We develop and create custom articles, blogs, infographics, videos, web pages & more types of advanced content to enhance your social media campaigns. Service sold separately.
  • Posting – We keep your page up to date by sharing, creating, and post posting just the right combination of relevant news, entertaining content, and business promotions to capture attention and appeal to your community. It won’t all be pre-programmed – we’ll help you seize the moment when it presents itself – Remember when Oreo won the Super Bowl?
  • Engagement & Interaction – Like, comment, respond, share, and otherwise interact with your social community on your behalf
  • Reputation Tracking – Listen for mentions of your brand, competitors, clients, team members, products and services, and the problems you solve.
  • Community Building – Find & follow relevant groups, prospects & leaders in your industry
  • Real-Time Data Tracking – Track all data as it happens; send leads to sales/marketing for follow up
  • Monthly Reporting – Measure social media marketing results and ROI
  • 100% Managed Service – We manage everything so you don’t have to!


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