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Mobile-Friendly Website Checklist

Mobile is the Normal

If you’re looking for the next big thing to focus on for your online marketing plan this year, the best place to start is with one of your top objectives from the last few years:  Mobile Optimization. Unlike other trends of the digital past, like Flash intros, splash pages, or pop ups, mobile is here to stay. More importantly, it’s still growing and evolving every day.

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Mobile-Friendly Website Checklist

Studies have shown that users have no patience for bad web experiences when visiting from their mobile device. If your site doesn’t work right, right away, they will leave and most likely never come back.

How mobile-friendly is your website? This checklist will help you assess how well you are doing. Visit your site on a phone or tablet and answer these few simple questions:

  1. Does your site load in less than 3 seconds?
  2. Does your site look good and work well across multiple common screen sizes and orientations?
  3. Does it still look and feel like your site and brand?
  4. Is your eye drawn to key selling points and messaging?
  5. Is the content easy to read?
  6. Is the site easy to navigate and use?
  7. Is the call-to-action clear and compelling?
  8. Would you spend time on this site if it wasn’t your own?

If you answered mostly “no” to these questions, then it’s time to optimize your website and capture the mobile device traffic and sales you’ve been missing.

So, that’s the “Why.” Are you now ready to explore the “How” of mobile-friendly design and development? Check out this in-depth blog post from Blayzer’s production department.

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Does your website look great and perform as promised on mobile devices in addition to desktop computers? Blayzer’s mobile web design and development team can offer tips and tactics that will turn your website into a mobile user’s dream.

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