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Online Marketing Content Clarified

7 Kinds of Online Marketing Content & What They Can Do For Your Business

You just spent an incredibly large amount of time and money on your website, and it looks great! But it’s not getting as much traffic as you had hoped.


Many people get so focused on the design and development aspects of a website that they forget that content is what drives and keeps customers on the page. A new or redesigned website is an opportunity to create and manage content that is relevant to your targets while staying on strategy with your branding and goals. Blayzer Marketing has narrowed the expansive list of content to a few specific pieces that can complement a new or redesigned website well: blogs, white papers, landing pages, eBooks, case studies, testimonials, and articles.

content figure

Any combination of these tools can help create the flow of consumers you desire for your website. Each has its strengths, and all of them help to guide people in the direction you want them to go, whether they end up on a landing page, another blog post, or a sales page on your website. Blayzer Marketing can help you utilize these content tools to the fullest extent to achieve the greatest success for your company. Need help with online content? GET FREE HELP!

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Is your online content capturing the kind of attention you want from your customers? We can help you devise a plan and create the kind of engaging content that will keep users on your site and searching for more.