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Online Marketing Results: 6 Months Can Revolutionize Your Business

If you are looking for hard numbers on what Online Marketing Services can do for your company, look no further.  This infographic shows the rapid progress we made with Dynamic Transit in only 6 months.

Part of a healthy online marketing strategy is continual and constructive review. We meet with our clients monthly to review our activities, share results, and plan next steps. We also provide periodic long-term reports that show progress over time. We recently did just that for our longtime trucking and transportation company client, Dynamic Transit. The results for their March-September online marketing report? We were all blown away!

Dynamic Transit’s overall site traffic nearly doubled while their total conversions are up over 50%. Factor in a 45% decrease in cost-per-conversion and no increase in total spend, and this client is now getting nearly twice as much online marketing results for the exact came cost. This is exactly what we strive to achieve for all of our clients, and what keeps longtime friends like Dynamic Transit coming back to Blayzer.

If you would like us to do for your company what we did for Dynamic Transit give us a call at 314-446-3393 or send an email to