Jul, 31 2017

Fendler World

Mobile Responsive WordPress Website Design, Development, SEO, Hosting


Fendler & Associates is an award-winning architectural design firm based right here in St. Louis, MO. Founded in 1989, they have been providing the St. Louis Metro area with a wide range of custom services to meet the needs of their clients. They even have found a niche’, as they have been beautifully rehabbing the historic market here in the St. Louis area. One key philosophy that separates Fendler from its competition is having the designers see a project from start to finish. It’s this kind of relationship that provides unmatched detail and quality that the clients will appreciate.


Fendler came to us because of a need to overhaul their website. They needed something that better showcases their great work on various projects. They wanted something very minimalist and wanted to have the high-quality images of their work stand out.
These days, people are viewing and browsing websites on their mobile phones and tablets more than on a desktop so having a mobile responsive website is a necessity in today’s world. We worked to create a UX that works for both the mobile user and the desktop user.
Fendler also wanted to rank higher in search results, so our team came together to find keywords and various other tactics that will improve their SEO.


For their new website, we decided that WordPress would be the best solution to fit their needs. Using visual composer, it would allow the client to easily add more and more projects to their portfolio page upon completion. The combination of WordPress and Visual Composer makes this CMS easy to use for other updates the client may need to make from time to time on their site.

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