Jul, 31 2017


Mobile Responsive WordPress Website Design, Development, SEO, Hosting


Landmark Contract Management started out resolving contract disputes on construction projects. They quickly realized that if they could resolve disputes before they become claims or lawsuits it would better serve their clients, as such, they expanded their services and have managed billions of dollars in construction projects.

Landmark Contract Management casts a wide net of professional construction management services including: management, claims consulting, dispute resolution, LEED Accreditation, lender disbursement, government approvals and more.


With so many projects within a variety of industries, one challenge was to clean up and organize the projects page to allow users to more easily find what they’re looking for quickly. We also were tasked with modernizing the site and coming up with new colors for the brand of the company to better match the engineering industry and where the client wants to be as a brand.

The client also wanted us to help them be found in search engines and needed an SEO makeover.


The Blayzer team came together and decided using WordPress as the CMS would be the best option suited for the clients’ needs.

In terms of home page design, we used 3 banners and 3 CTA’s (calls-to-action) to aid in UX and to make sure users find what they need and funnel them down to the page they’re looking for.

We installed the Yoast SEO plugin to help manage the SEO on a per-page basis and allow us to more easily add in the meta descriptions, and titles.

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