Aug, 24 2015

SMFA at Tufts – Web Strategy


Phase I

The Marketing Director at The School of the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston (now SMFA at Tufts) approached Blayzer initially because they were having difficulties updating and adding to their website. Because of the large amount of traffic to their site, they were also looking to find a different hosting company who could cater to their needs.

Phase II

Over time and after building a relationship with SMFA, their needs grew and transitioned. Soon SMFA was also asking Blayzer to help them develop a more fleshed out online marketing plan to boost admissions and overall brand.


Phase I

The team at Blayzer analyzed the SMFA website ( and reviewed its functionality as well as the hosting situation given the level of traffic to their site. If Blayzer was to revise the site and its functionality, then it made sense to take care of the hosting as well.

Phase II

The site revision and hosting were already in place when a new SMFA Marketing Director was introduced. The new Director brought up the fact that the flash on the home page was hurting their online marketing efforts and could Blayzer do something about that. Upon analysis, Blayzer designers and developers put together a plan for a home page redesign and some tweaks to the interior pages as well.

The new Director was also interested in what Blayzer could do for SMFA’s online marketing. Our marketing department reviewed the current online marketing plan SMFA was utilizing and discovered several areas that were in need of revision and other areas where SMFA was missing out on new opportunities altogether like Google AdWords and search engine optimization.


Redesigned home page to remove Flash elements, streamline navigation, and clean up look and feel

Updated internal page design to improve content visibility and layout


Customized a content management system to work with original site design and provide greater control and flexibility of site content without the need to engage technical resources

Moved the site to a dedicated server hosting solution to improve handling of site traffic


SEO: optimized existing site pages, optimized blog posts & press releases

Google AdWords: keywords, budget, campaigns

Social Media: consolidated accounts and developed a social media policy

Sitemap submission and Google Webmaster Tools

SMFA Marketing Director:
The team at Blayzer has been working with the School of the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston for over three years. Along the way, they have helped us transition our online presence from a static, brochure-ware site to a dynamic, user-focused experience. Their integrated marketing team has also helped us develop our SEO, social and paid strategies from the ground up, and our numbers clearly reflect that guidance—they are true partners.


  • Faculty and staff social media policy with one vision
  • Improved organic search with optimized content; Site crawled regularly by Google, Yahoo, Bing
  • Site is easier to navigate, Internal pages are easier to read, Site has fresh updated look and feel
  • More organized social media plan
  • More searcheable blog posts and press releases
  • Site is easier to use with content management system

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