Nov, 06 2016

Wee Ones


Ecommerce Web Development Case Study

Manufacturer/Retailer, Children’s Apparel & Accessories

Blayzer Services:  OpenCart Ecommerce Website Strategy, Design, Development, Hosting & Marketing Services


Longtime Blayzer client Wee Ones has manufactured quality handmade hair accessories for girls since 1978.  The family-owned company has grown to become one of the most recognized names in the children’s apparel and accessory industry.


Blayzer’s biggest challenge as a web partner for Wee Ones was to unify four separate ecommerce sites – Wee Ones Retail, Wee Ones Wholesale, Apres les Petites, and Sublime Designs – into one seamless online shopping experience. Wee Ones has grown and expanded its business in recent years and wanted a new and updated ecommerce solution to fit. The most significant changes were the addition of two new brands to their product offerings (Apres les Petites tween accessories and Sublime Designs printed socks) and the growth of its wholesale sales channel. With this new strategy Wee Ones hoped to streamline the administration and management of their product catalog and officially take their business from mom and pop to main street. Like all sellers, Wee Ones also wanted to improve sales and drive conversions.



Unifying three brands into one website design is no easy feat. Blayzer’s designer for this project started by sourcing a new mobile-optimized theme for Wee Ones’ Open Cart ecommerce software. We chose a clean, modern layout that would let the branding and products tell their story. We stripped away the more cutesy and crafty elements of our previous design. We removed the dashed/stitched line effects and precious pink background.  This instantly gave the site some new freshness and allowed room in the design to add in the new brands without overloading the eye with competing colors and styles.

We worked closely with Wee Ones brand managers to identify the key colors and design aesthestics for each brand. We reskinned the main theme for each brand and incorporated brand-approved product and promotional imagery into the designs as well, editing photos as needed. We ended up with four separate-but-equal designs that flow smoothly from one the next as you explore the site.


With design complete, the baton was passed to Blayzer’s development team to build and configure the site. We have lots of experience creating sites in Open Cart, so the basic setup went smooth and fast. We were able to focus our powers on functionality and customizations to create an advanced shopping experience that users have come to expect.

The new Wee Ones website is packed with A-list ecommerce features:

  • 4 stores, 3 brands, 1 product database
  • Mobile-friendly website design
  • Multi-image homepage
  • Redesigned ecommerce checkout process
  • Public consumer facing site and password-protected retailer facing site
  • Advanced search functionality – ability to search for products by multiple categories (product type, color, bow size, age group, seasonal trends)
  • New opportunities for integrated marketing messages – sliders, windows, interrupters, etc.
  • Updated content pages and content management capabilities
  • Customer “Wish List” functionality
  • Bow size comparison – icon & updated lifestyle images
  • Ability to control what content is shown to consumers vs. retailers
  • Mobile responsive programming
  • Ability to manipulate and change the format of a product page listing on certain brands while keeping the format the same on others
  • Retail store locator
  • Company control over content and updates
  • Recommended Product algorithm
  • Recently Viewed Items function
  • Color swatch manager that loads corresponding product images
  • Image Manager to house images which populate the product pages
  • Update initial order confirmation email – marketing messaging opportunity
  • Watermarks on product images
  • Ability to edit shopping cart quantities without leaving shopping cart page
  • Ability to integrate all product data (style, attachment, color) so that the order summary that comes across is in a suitable format for Wee Ones customer service team

Wholesale Site Only:

  • Reorder capabilities – one click functionality to view and duplicate previously placed orders, or use previous orders as a starting point
  • Redesigned retailer product pages that allow for easier bulk ordering for multiple colors of the same style
  • Password protected site with exclusive access to wholesale pricing and special products
  • Ability to complete the checkout process without using a credit card (Purchase Order)

Hosting & Maintenance

Launch day can be a stressful event for a business, as you cross your fingers, grit your teeth, say a prayer, and flip the switch. We’ve seen and heard enough horror stories in our time to have a healthy dose of concern ourselves, even when we know it’s ready to go. The Wee Ones launch laid these fears to rest by going off without a hitch.

Like all brand new web solutions, the new Wee Ones site was filled with potential and in need of proper nurturing to achieve maximum results. This nurturing comes in the form of regular content and product updates from the Wee Ones team and a monthly Hosting & Maintenance package with Blayzer. With this package, experts from Blayzer’s development team spend a predetermined number of hours each month working to keep the site going and growing. We host the site on our Virtual Private Cloud server, manage the product database, maintain backups, manage plugins and customizations, and continually work on ways to make the site run better from a programming point of view.

Marketing & SEO

What is the point of creating a website if it doesn’t get any traffic? Blayzer’s online marketing team ensured that Wee Ones’ new site is set up for success with analytics tracking, SEO features, and email marketing integrations. Next on our plate is Pay Per Click marketing to capture more of the substantial baby and children’s apparel search market.

  • Google Analytics code integration across all pages and products on the site
  • Checkout interrupter to introduce other brands
  • Mail Chimp email marketing integration
  • Email sign up interrupter tied to Mail Chimp email marketing for welcome offers
  • Email capture with permission via opt-in during checkout
  • SEO keyword research
  • Optimization of content pages with meta data, image tags, and anchor text (includes pages being migrated from previous site and new pages created for the new site)
  • SEO friendly URLs
  • Product SEO
  • Increased social media visibility via better integration of social media across the site
  • Pay per click marketing strategy & services



  • Multi-site ecommerce web development strategy
  • Online marketing strategy


  • Mobile-responsive ecommerce web design
  • 3 brands in one site
  • Product image watermarks, lifestyle photo editing, and more design work


  • Multi-site Open Cart ecommerce store
  • Advanced/custom shopping features
  • Subdomains for each brand
  • Protected wholesaler content & ordering
  • Virtual private cloud hosting & maintenace


  • Keyword research
  • Site, content, & product SEO
  • Email marketing integration
  • Analytics setup
  • Pay per click marketing


  • New multi-store Open Cart ecommerce website
  • Fresh, modern design that supports multiple brands
  • Content management capabilities
  • Unified shopping cart & user experience across multiple web stores
  • Advanced ecommerce shopping functionality
  • Hosting & website maintenance
  • SEO & marketing services


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