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Progress in Personalizing Email Marketing

In today’s society, personalization is everything. People are constantly trying to express themselves and create a world customized for them. Marketing has started following this trend, like in personalized Facebook ads based on recent searches or liked products. Most email marketers have also figured out that personalization matters. It increases open rates, click through rates and conversion rates. It makes your subscribers feel like you view them as individuals. The challenge: everyone’s doing it – names in subject lines, company names filled in, etc. These personalization tactics are standard; they’re cookie cutter; they’re BASIC.

Blayzer knows you’re better than basic, so here are some new ideas for personalizing email.

Timing & Triggers

The standard way that people do email marketing is what some people call “batch & blast”. This is where you get your list together and send an email to everyone at one uniform time; BASIC. A more personalized approach is to time it based on their sign-up time or the time of a previous interaction. The reasoning here is that if they were once available and interacting at 7 pm on a Tuesday, they will likely be available again at that day and time. You can also do things like sending a special email on their sign-up anniversary. Another personalization is basing email timing on triggers. These include visits to the website, comments on a blog post and social likes.

Dynamic Content

What about having the same images and headlines for each email? BASIC. Advanced email marketing systems let you swap out pieces of content like images, headlines, and articles based on the user’s characteristics in your database. For example, you can send a newsletter to your entire list, but tell it to insert Header Image A for people who have Industry A, or Article A for women and Article B for men. The sky is the limit here. I’ve even seen super creepy- I mean innovative- ones that will insert the recipient’s name into the image. Here’s a company that does that so you can see what I’m talking about:

I haven’t seen it, but it would cool if you could personalize the content based on the day or time of day they read it, like Monday vs. Friday or morning vs. night. Not sure how that would work, but it’s a cool idea.

Personalize your Brand

You might be thinking, “my logo and brand have to be consistent in all of my marketing”. Normally, you’re right. But in this case, it’s BASIC. Another related way to personalize is to tweak how your brand is presented: colors, logo variations, taglines, “From” names, or signatures. Don’t get me wrong, there should be consistencies in each different variation, but why stick to just altering the message when you can reach the broader effect of your brand.

Don't Stop at Email

Personalizing an email is only one step. Stopping there is BASIC. After all, just sending them the email isn’t your goal. You want them to act on it, and that means going to the web. Whether it’s a landing page, social profile, or blog post, do your best to personalize these destinations. But how? Can you fill in their name or custom images on the landing page? Why yes, yes you can, with the right tools.

At Blayzer, we have the right tools and can help you with this whole personalization process. We can configure your email marketing to fit your individual list and the individuals on your list. Contact us for a FREE consultation and for more information on how we can customize your marketing.