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2017 strategy

Must-have Marketing Technologies of 2017

With the rapid development of technology nowadays, there are many tools out there that can help companies accomplish their jobs better, faster, and easier. However, with an overwhelming amount of tools available, sometimes it can be difficult for businesses to choose the right ones. And that’s where Blayzer comes in! ...

Website Traffic Down? Here’s Why

You’ve developed what you believe is the perfect website. It's super functional, designed to a tee, and a prime online extension of your brand. But maybe your website traffic isn’t as high as you’d hoped. Or maybe it’s dropped in the last few months, and you just can’t figure out ...
browser chart

Navigating the End of Internet Explorer Support

The end of an era has come; a browser era that is. To the delight of long-suffering web developers everywhere, Microsoft has finally pulled the plug on older versions of Internet Explorer. Fear not, faithful IE users! The browser itself isn't going anywhere, but as of January 12, 2016, Microsoft no longer offers security ...