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Progress in Personalizing Email Marketing

In today’s society, personalization is everything. People are constantly trying to express themselves and create a world customized for them. Marketing has started following this trend, like in personalized Facebook ads based on recent searches or liked products. Most email marketers have also figured out that personalization matters. It increases open rates, ...
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Reputation is Everything in Email Marketing

As the world keeps on getting smaller through social media and online business, constructing a solid reputation is more imperative than any other time in recent memory. In the online world, your reputation is everything. It partners with success and, in converse, success demands reputation. Building a good reputation requires ...
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The Golden Rules of Email Marketing

When deciding whether to run an email campaign, one of the most critical things you'll want to know are the rules of email marketing. Who can you send emails to? When and how often? What are you allowed to say? You'll certainly want to brush up on the laws that protect privacy and ...
7 deadly website conversion sins on a desktop

7 Deadly Website Conversion Sins

There is nothing quite like the energy that swirls around the office as a website nears its go-live date. Those last few days are a whirlwind of dotted i's, crossed t's, and closed brackets as all the final pieces come together. Sometimes during the push to publish, site owners get so focused on the details that they forget ...
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“White-Hat” Email Prospecting Tips for White-Hot Results

To help you decide if and how email prospecting fits within your online marketing strategy, Blayzer's 1901 Marketing team recently sat down for a brainstorming session. Here are our top tips on "White-Hat" Email Prospecting for White-Hot Results. The number one mistake marketers make with email prospecting is not properly defining goals ...